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Spotify App & Website not working in Ukraine

Spotify App & Website not working in Ukraine






Lenovo Z50-70, Redmi Note 7

Operating System

Windows 10 21H2, Android 12


My Question or Issue

I live in Ukraine, the territory where I live in is temporarily occupied (Luhansk) and I think it's related to my issues with Spotify. Recently I've found out that Spotify Website and its application don't work, the website shows an HTTP Error 500 while the application just doesn't play any music at all and once I've logged out of the app, it doesn't let me log in. On the other hand, everything works fine using VPN. I haven't seen any news about it so I'm unsure if Spotify is blocked here, if not, how can I fix this?

11 Replies

I have the same problem. I live in Ukraine-controlled territory in Donetsk region.  



I have the same problem on desktop and android. I am also from the Donbas region, Ukraine. I have a premium account and even so I can't listen to music offline. I paid money for it. And I am also sure that soon the payment for the next month will be charged from the payment card.

This is very depressing.

The site works with VPN, but this is not a solution to the problem. I often don't have internet because of the war in my country and because of that I can't listen to music.

I really appreciate your help in solving the problem. Music is all I have here...


I have attached screenshots of the errors that I get when I launch the application or go to the site.



Same problem. UA controlled city spotify not working trow http 500 error duo prem

Same problem to. UA controlled city Dobropillya, Donetsk region, not working anything, please solve this problem!

I want to add something to my post above. Recently all my accounts were logged out due to "suspicious activity". I think this happened because of my login through the VPN service. So I tried to log into an account without a VPN. When trying to login through the desktop app, I get an auth:74 error

Searching the community for the auth:74 error turned up nothing. But maybe someone else has experienced something similar.

I also want to add an interesting fact. I can't access without a VPN. However, I managed to access the community site without a VPN!

If I find something else that can help solve the problem, I will write here.



So today things have changed.
First, the error code has changed and now it looks like auth:16
I tried looking for a solution to this problem. Tried turning off the firewall and Microsoft Defender. Unfortunately, this didn't help solve the problem.
Secondly, I finally managed to connect the phone to the mobile network. Through the mobile network, the application on the phone finally started working. That is, I can conclude that the application does not work through local wired Internet providers. So there is a possibility that the application was indeed blocked in part of the territory of Ukraine. Or am I misunderstanding something?


Hello everyone,

Thank you for posting on the Community. 


At the moment, the Spotify services are unavailable in some of the regions you mentioned.


Unfortunately, we don’t know when or if the service will be back available but should this change in the future, we'll make sure to let everyone know. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


If anything else comes up, don’t hesitate to ask.

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So, you ( Spotify) blocked access from rus. Ok well done. Aggressors must feel discomfort, but by blocking access from Donbass region wich is territory of Ukraine, not rus.  You accept and agree that its not a territory of Ukraine. Do u support ru aggression towards my country!? 

I'm subscribed to premium and in the end I have nothing. Thank you Spotify for forcing me to find other services of music, Bravo! And as well thank you for showing me your true position about war in Ukraine.


due to the fact that you cannot properly configure the blocking rules, except for Russia, you are blocking part of Ukraine. thx, wonderful support of the people of ukraine

Hi, I live in the Kyiv region, and yesterday I noticed this error 500, how do i fix this?

Have the same issue. I think it is unfair to block Ukrainians from your serivices. I would like for this to cahcnge. Thank you

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