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Spotify Blends not involving my top artist

Spotify Blends not involving my top artist

I am having trouble with my Spotify Blends with friends not including my top artist. I've looked at it for a couple of weeks now (6?) and I have ~5 blend playlists with friends but I always found it odd that my top artist doesn't have a spot in it. I've asked about 100 different fans of the same artist for their experience and none of them have seen this particular artist in their Spotify Blends with their friends despite it being their top artist for many. I was told wait for the algorithm to adjust, but I just find it strange that it's not in my mixes despite being what I listen to daily.
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I have had same issue. I have 3 blended playlists with friends. I want them to listen to my favorite artists and I have noticed that they never show up in any of my blends. It is very strange. 

Same here. I was surprised that the artist I listen to for hours daily does not appear in any of my Blends. I was wondering if that is because I manually search them less since I have already built my own playlists and also use other fans' playlists? I still queue up their albums and tracks from time to time, but I am a heavy playlist user.

Same problem for me. A lot of my closest friends love the same artist and we were kinda trying to see what our blend would look like since we figured it would be a whole lot of the artist we like. But lo and behold, not a single song from them but a lot of songs we listened to every now and then filled up the list. We've been wondering why it was like this. Turns out, others were experiencing this too. Hipefully it can be fixed.

I've been monitoring my blends for 3 days now and realised my top listens / artists is not included. Please fix this asap!

My friend and I are missing several artists we both listen to a lot, including out top artist. Lots of the songs in the blends are ones we have only listened to once, not favorites by any means. How is the algorithm deciding what to use? I probably wouldn't use blends again if it's like this.


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