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Spotify bugs with Amazon Alexa

Spotify bugs with Amazon Alexa


My Issue

I have been using spotify for years now and around a year or two ago I purchased an amazon echo to use for spotify. Ive loved the integration with alexa's voice commands and use Spotify on it on a daily basis. However, since i have purchased the device I have noticed a bug which i hoped would be fixed but hasnt. So ive came here to let the community and developers know (also to see if anyone else has this problem).

My problem is that when i am listening to Music on my alexa the music will play fine but every two-ten minutes the service would disconnect. The music will stay playing but any functions such as skipping or pausing will not work. The speaker will also disapear from the devices available list. Usually this doesnt effect much as it reconnects in about 10-30 seconds. But when i use a voice command during this 30 seconds the Echo will stop playing music and the spotify service will be unusable until a reboot of the Echo. This becomes frustrating when an annoying song you dont like comes on and you have to reboot the device to listen to the songs you want - only to have to do this again minutes later lol.

If anyone else has this problem or knows a fix please say below it would help alot




United Kingdom


Amazon Echo (All Alexa enabled devices)

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