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Spotify choppy while using Chromecast Audio (Not a WiFi issue)

Spotify choppy while using Chromecast Audio (Not a WiFi issue)

I LOVE spoitfy and play it loud through my 200Watt speaker system. 

Up until recently I used a phisical connection from my phone to the amplifier.

I bought a Chromecast audio so I could remote stream Spotify. Unfortunately it is jerky and intermittant.

I have used other apps to cast to Chromecast perfectly so I know its not an issue with my wifi or the Chormecast itself.

I'm pretty sure its the actual Spotify Android App that is the problem.

Is this a known issue?


In the mean time I have had to suspend my subscription and use Google Music instead. I have just discovered that the family option for 6 people to use Google music is only 17 bucks.

I really did enjoy Spotify, but have had to resort to other streaming services.

I hope that others dont finish up doing the same.

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Hey there! 


Thanks for bringing this up to us.


Can you let us know the exact device/OS and Spotify version you're using? Also, have you tried reinstalling Spotify? If not, can you make sure to follow these steps:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify.


Keep us posted.

Same issues here, this is just super frustrating. I love Soptify but I'm about to give up and try other streaming services instead. BTW, if you google "choppy spotify" you will find heaps of people with the same issue, so it's definitely some sort of bug that is in there for a long time. FYI, I can stream hi-def movies with 5.1 audio at the highrst quality using the same devices and network using Netflix, so definitely not bandwith or device issues.

Same here, only this time I am using Google Home linked to my Spotify account. The stream keeps dropping intermitently. 

I wonder if Spotify is ever going to fix this problem. Still ongoing in July 2017. No other apps have issues. If I can stream video without any issues then audio should present zero issues.

Same issue here! Sucks! Sort it out spotify! only way to fix is to reboot chromecast!

I'm having the same issue using a Chromecast audio. It plays for about 10 seconds, then cuts out for several seconds. Doesn't do it all the time, but when it does, it seems to last for hours. I've checked my wifi bandwidth and signal to me Chromecast audio and all is well there.

Yup, same exact problem. Any solution yet Spotify?

Having same issue with Chromecast Audio and Google Home Mini / Google Home. 


Is this something that can be resolved? Play beautifully via Google Play Music and making me think of going back to Google Play Music instead. 


The only reason I go to Spotify is because of the playlist and the volume nomalization.

Same issue! Fibre connection, speed test shows 40MBit/s (50Mbit connection), flawless playback using Spotify on my iphone 5 plugged directly into the speakers however when casting from iphone or Windows 10 PC to brand new Chromecast it continuously pauses for a second or two every 30 seconds. Rubbish! 😞

Choppy. Stutter. Barely functional. +1

I've since went back to Google Play Music as it seems like Spotify is not bothering listening to us anyway. I have too many Chromecast devices to bother with trying to wait for Spotify to resolve this stuttering issue. 

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