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Spotify coming to Yamaha A/V receivers anytime soon?

Spotify coming to Yamaha A/V receivers anytime soon?

The only thing that stops me from buying a Yamaha A/V receiver is the lack of Spotify integration, which is present on Onkyo receivers. Is this feature coming in 2012 Yamaha models or will Onkyo have all the fun for the time being?
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I hope you are right nordemoniac


I would love to see Spotify on my Yamaha receiver....

For Apple fans if you happen to have an Apple TV connected to your receiver you can use that to stream from your phone wirelessly. It works great!

Any news on this topic??

my yamaha needs it too!

Any news? What's the status? I just bought Yamaha Amplituner and no Spotify client is available!

I also would like an update to this...

Spotify is available on all 2013 models

What with models from 2011 or 2012? 😕

yeah, will there be an update for the earlier models?   or am i just screwed??

As far as I know there is a difference in Marketing world and real world i have RX-V775 amplituner with newest firmware 1.20 installed. Unformatunatly no Spotify on board!

I have just bought a RX-V475 and have updated it to the latest firmware and I cannot find spotify connect anywhere. Their website states it should have it.

Where is it?

According to @Rorey in this post, cnnnect is being rolled out in phases across both markets and mobile devices. Android support would seem to be some way off unfortunately 😞

I'm seeing all kind of information since August or end of July, so they are still just press releases and nor schedule, nor working hardware. I may be stubborn, but it doesn't look professional. After all we are paying for this. Maybe not much, but still - we do.


I like those changes, but when you pay around $1000 for equipment that doesn't meet the promised marketing information from producer you get a bit nervous. It's time to start pushing 😉


I keep my fingers crossed that 'those coming weeks' will be full of surprises!


How about windows 8 / 8.1 ? And those x64 and mobile devices ? Miracast?

Yamaha seems to be very keen on being added to the long list of companies who truly dont give two damns about existing customers and dont feel the need to release updates to previous models of their products. Seems to be very common nowadays in the mobile industry but at least in that case manufacturers can use the excuse of non-specific "hardware incompatibilities", which Yamaha cant really claim...

Needless to say, no more Yamahas for me...

Any news?   😕

No change on mine ( RX-V1020 ). I just checked the Yamaha website for new firmware, no luck....


I'm gonna be really put out if this feature doesnt come to my model. Seems like Spotify could be added just as easy as they added Pandora etc....

No change yet. No firmware updates. Nothing.

Any one ?!? Any information ?

I am sorry to tell, but nothing new for rx-v 475.


I bought this receiver because of the spotify connect feature... 😕

On Yamaha website there is still information: "Stream Millions of Songs with Spotify Connect (Coming Soon)"

Realy?! I paid for this function and i'm waiting the half of year for this update. It was promised several month ago. This is very unprofesional.  Yamaha shame on you!

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