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Spotify lagging hard on PlayStation 4

Spotify lagging hard on PlayStation 4

I just can't listen to 10s of music without lag and freeze. I don't know why this happen because on my phone and on notebook Spotify works just fine (i tested them at the same time), without any lag or freeze, it only happens on the PlayStation 4 and i can't figure out how to fix this... Does it have a solution?


I'm a premium user.

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Same for me, became almost unasable during the last few weeks. When the app was released everything worked perfectly fine. 😞

I've tried reinstalling the app, logging out and logging in again, nothing helped.


This is a more widespread problem, I hope Spotify will fix this very soon (especially since the app works great on my Macbook and my iPhone and I'm a happy subscriber for more than two years now).



I've just answered this in another thread with the same topic on this board: I've wanted to record this error with the Spotify PS4 app for the Spotify customer service and after starting the app on the PS4 (after a few hours after the problem still existed) and everything works totally fine again. Spotify connect via Macbook or iPhone and remote controlling the PS4 is also usable again, which wasn't the case a few hours ago.


Strange things are happening!

(But good things, since it seems to work again. Yay.)

Mate try to restart your ps4 

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