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Spotify on Galaxy Watch not connecting to Bluetooth

Spotify on Galaxy Watch not connecting to Bluetooth




 United States


Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Watch

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

 The Spotify app for the Galaxy Watch will not connect to my phone through bluetooth. Therefore I can not use my Galaxy Watch to control spotify remotely like I used to. When I go to the bluetooth audio settings in the watch spotify app and search for my phone it does not connect. This is only happening with the watch spotify app since my watch is definitely connected to my phone through bluetooth since it recieves texts and notifications from other apps just fine. The watch app didnt have a problem with older versions of the main spotify app but it seems the newer updates for the main app have rendered the watch app useless since the watch app never gets any updates.

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Oh and I forgot to mention that it has been like this since November 2018. Truly disappointing.

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