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Spotify web player in Firefox on linux - won't play / Widevine

Spotify web player in Firefox on linux - won't play / Widevine

I can play Spotify fine in the web player on Chrome on my linux laptop. In Firefox, though, I can't get past a page saying:
Playback of protected content is not enabled. Unfortunately DRM is not enabled. Visit our support site which explains how to enable Widevine in Firefox and Chrome.

The browser does actually have Widevine already enabled, though. Any idea what's going wrong?

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Hey @mindshoot,


Looks like you're in the wonderfully complex world of DRM and Linux. You can try switching your User Agent by using an extension and this user agent string.

This will force Spotify to use the old player, which supports the version of Widevine that Firefox on Linux has.


Hope this helps!


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That's fabulous, thanks very much! I'll give you a shot and post my

I've tried this out now. The response is different, but not quite there yet. Instead, I get the message "To enjoy Spotify, please install Adobe Flash. It's free" with a "Get Flash" button. That's a program I'm pretty keen to keep off my computer! Threads on that subject suggest installing the standalone application. 


Thanks anyway for the suggestion. If anyone else has any more ideas that might take me a bit further, I'd really appreciate it!



Why are Linux users relegated to having to use a webplayer at all?  When will Spotify provide a player for adding to the official Linux repositories?

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