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Spotify won't play on Samsung TV, pressing play button does nothing

Spotify won't play on Samsung TV, pressing play button does nothing

So the problem is in the title - Spotify randomly stopped working on my tv. I can navigate through playlists, click on everything besides play. I mean.. I can click, but nothing happens.

I've tried playing different playlists on shuffle, navigated to different songs and clicked on those, clicked on that little currently playing thing.. NOTHING


I've tried connecting my laptop to the tv, my phone to the tv.. It will let me log in using those, but won't play. It just says "connecting" forever and ever.


I've deleted the app, logged out, restarted my tv, unplugged my tv, restarted my router.. You name it, I've done it. And still nothing. Help?!


Tv is fully updated, so is my phone. Spotify works on every other device.


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Hi @K2rolyn 


Thanks for reaching out. Could you please provide us the following:

  • Did this first happen after an update to the TV Firmware and/or the Spotify app?
  • What model is the TV exaclty and what Spotify Versions you use.
  • Try connecting the TV to a different network and testing if the behaviour remains. If necessary, you can make a hotspot with your phone.
  • Some photos or a video of the behaviour would be really helpful

With this information, we’d be happy to investigate.

Keep us posted.

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