Spotify won't show up as Discord status!

Spotify won't show up as Discord status!




United States

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Windows 10


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I've never had this issue before, but whenever I close out of Spotify and reopen it, whenever I play a track, it doesn't show up as my status on Discord. I have Spotify connected to Discord as well, so I don't understand why this is happening to me. Please help, I've redownloaded Spotify too many times, and this is still an occuring issue for me. 

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Hey @Edwin_Ngo, help's arrived. 


Can you check out this thread, especially the Solution, and see if the information will help you out?


Keep us posted! 🙂


Unfortanely, this was unable to help with my problem. The same thing occurs, after closing out and reopening it, Discord no longer displays Spotify as my status. 


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