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Switch personal playlist to artist playlist


Switch personal playlist to artist playlist

Hey Folks,


I'm creating a playlist in my personal account: Jasper Kuipers

Im planning to keep this updated on a daily basis for a very long time

However, i got some releases comming up, which will be released as artist: Jason Quake.


Is there a way to transfer the playlist, including its followers to my artist account?
or will this happen automaticly


I dont want to lose the current amount of followers that have shown faith in me already.


Please let me know!

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But this doesn't solve the main issue that this thread is about, switching a personal playlist to an artist playlist.


By following you're advice it's still just a personal playlist which is now featured on an artist profile page.

Hey K_Runge, I know it doesn't. I have the same problem you have. But my answer was to one person who at least wanted the playlist shown on their artist page, which for me is the best solution for as long as spotify doesn't allow switching to an artist playlist. If you come around the real solution, lemme know! 🙂

any luck on this?

Having the same problem!?

Right but how does one have a playlist created under their artist name then?  Obviously every artist wants to keep their personal profile out of their artist profile.

I've recently contacted Spotify support and asked about this issue and they say they've forwarded the question/issue to the team in charge of this.


Even though this doesn't mean anything is going to be done about it, one thing though is that they made it so my personal name doesn't appear next to the "Created by" field of the playlists I've featured on my artist page, but instead there's now a "display name" which is my artist name. Clicking this display name still takes the user/listener to my personal profile, but it looks much better until a proper solution is implemented. Check out the attached screenshot.


So I guess if enough people contact Spotify support one can only hope they will implement this/fix this issue and until then maybe they can help set up a display name for you as well.

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