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The web player leaks memory

The web player leaks memory

After a couple of hours playing spotify with firefox, firefox is sucking 2gb+ of memory, and it just gets worse with more usage. I know it's spotify because I downloaded an addon that says which tab is using the memory.

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I have a similar issue, only it goes up to 3GB + within 20 minutes or so of use on large playlists (In particular the 170+ song Coachella 2016 playlist). I can't enjoy music anymore because I have to force-kill the firefox process to free the memory every 20 minutes. I'm using linux with firefox, if that makes a difference.

Also noticed this with Chrome on Windows, growing at a size of about 25MB / minute for me.


EDIT: Only growing while music is playing (I use the radio exclusively, not sure if other modes are also affected).

I looked a bit more into this after reading reports of the VW advertisement causing issues. After de-activating my ad-blocker (uBlock origin), memory seemed a lot stabler.

I have this problem too.


Chrome and Firefox, both are giving me the same problem.


I use Ghostery and not AdBlock.

Disabling the ad-blocker does not resolve the issue. Memory usage still grows rapidly after only a few songs. I'm using Firefox 45.1.0 on Linux since I can't use the client on my distro.

same for me. FF 47.0 takes over 3GB until it starts responsing very slowly. At this point FF crashes or I manage to close it (which takes several minutes).


Thats a no go! seriously - fix this. Its web! Your user dont even have to install a new version. All they have to do is strg + F5.


PS: While writing this my memory consumption raised from 1,5GB to 2,2GB

Disabling adblock plus on firefox 48.0 on spotify domain solved the issue for me

this is not a solution

this is not a solution

It seems like it got solved somehow. I no longer have memory issues and Spotify streams nicely.

It's firefox, I've used it in chrome for 48 hours... and nothing weird happened, it didn't suck my RAM or anything similar.

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