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Update from app and computer

Update from app and computer

Hello everyone,

I am a bit upset because i am currently adding or deleting songs to do m'y playlist. I start on m'y computer then i went on m'y 

Phone. All the songs i deleted on m'y Spotify on m'y laptop are still on on m'y spotify in my phone.


How update both? I tought it was automatical. Just Hope i wont have to do it again because it took me a while.


Someone knows?


Thanks you!


Using: Premium




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Hey @user-removed,


We're here to help out! This sounds a bit odd. You might have one of your devices in Offline mode, which might affect the synchronization. We suggest you turn off Offline mode first, and make sure both the devices are connected to a network.


If that doesn't help, get back to us with screenshot explaining what's happening and we'll take a closer look.


Keep us posted 🙂


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