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Usernames, as in they are IMPORTANT

Usernames, as in they are IMPORTANT

I simply find the way that Spotify has created their system and changes it "in order to improve the experience for everyone" completely the most incompetent trash I've ever seen.


It's one thing if it was like oh we understand but it's how it is, we're going to fix it. But when I hear "Oh the random usernames? Ya, we did on on purpose to improve the experience" I want to rip all my hair out.


First it was wanting to disconnect my account from Facebook so my real name was not asssociated with my account. I was told Nope! Can't do that! I had to create an entirely new account to create a new username. Now I have a full brand and want to make an account with that username, I type it in in what I THINK is the username field. Turns out there's no username field!!! It's a display name field and my username is now something like ahah983h0r1hfhf0hf03h8r03


This post is at a loss of any other way to give feedback to Spotify about how &@!^^*@ stupid their limitations and choices in UX development are.


I was not the only person wanting to change their username .. So now what happens? You take away the ability to choose usernames altogether! "Oh well people can find you by display name" Oh awesome.. Every OTHER @#@!^^^& service on the @@#^^^^&# Internet lets you change display name. So how do I change that? "Oh I'm sorry you can't." Wait what???? wth????


This is why Apple Music is kicking your **bleep** in terms of subscriptions. Yeah I read that somewhere in the news that Spotify's response was "Apple will always have a strong pull" .. How about you make the experience of doing ANYTHING in the settings not an excrutiating pain in the @@#^^#@&^ **bleep** and maybe that might help.


It's absolutely ridiculous. I have never seen such atrocity on any service I have EVER been a part of. Can't change usernames? Yep been there. So it's like well it happens. Devs use them as database keys. Can't change DISPLAY NAME? What's next? Can't change email? Can't change musical tastes? Can't change skills on the NEW IMPROVED Linked In? "Oh I'm sorry we took out the ability to edit your resume. Once you save it once it's locked forever, we did this in our new plan to improve our service."


So freaking sad man.

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