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Web Player: How to disable and revert back to URL?


Web Player: How to disable and revert back to URL?

Hi all,


I recently cancelld my premium subscription, and since then I've been suffering from a new UI for the spotify web player. This UI sucks to say the least. It also opens URLs through "" instead of "" and whenever I try to go to play.spotify - I'm redirected to open.spotify. 


The reason I hate open.spotify is because there are an insane amount of limitations here. There is no way for me to access web player settings even. I've attached screenshots of my account page and the brose page respectively. 


I've also noticed that this is only a problem on Chrome. I tried on IE and it worked just fine when I went to This problem has persisted across several computers, and I've observed the same computers going to on different accounts. It's literally restricted to my account on Google Chrome. 


Any help reverting back to is much appreciated.


Thank you. Spotify Account.PNGSpotify Browse.PNG

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My temporary workaround is to spoof my browser to IE using Chrome UA Spoofer.


The version will stick - after that you can revert to your original Chrome settings.

Yes, same works for Firefox; I use "User Agent Switcher" and imported several agent types; if I switch to IE 11, go to play.spotify (which then does not redirect) and then set my browser agent back to default, it'll stay on the right webplayer.


However, I need to do this every single time I want to use the play.spotify webplayer, it's not a one-time fix, so it's a bit annoying, I really hope spotify will fix the issue soon.

Just to add another perspective to this, it is even annoying as a desktop app user. We want to share links in Skype that open in the desktop app, but they now redirect to open.spotify.


Spotify help tells me how to resolve this here:


but that is using the play.spotify player. and I cannot get links to open there, so even with those settings checked it is opening my stuff in the browser at open.spotify


It doesn't make any sense to make a secondary 'lite' browser version that breaks existing functionality, then force it on everyone wether they're paying or not, then never communicate that this change is going to happen and continue to stay silent after months of people asking for a solution

Madgick, I fully agree with you.


And just to let you know, that 'solution' does not work, if I switch browser settings and pretend to use I.E. then I can get into settings, but the option is unchecked for me and I'm still stuck with open.spotify if I don't pretend to use I.E.

So if it's any consolation, there's no solution just there that you could have reached if you wouldn't be redirected; even if you could reach the option it's no use (but maybe that just makes things worse).

I've got 2 accounts; my older one goes to play.spotify but the newer one force-forwards to This is designed to get around browser ad blockers, and there are many nowadays, plus how-to videos, etc. Once too many people learned how to avoid ads, they were forced to alter this, and I'll bet that soon, play.spotify will be no more. The open.spotify mimics the App. So, buy premium, or tolerate commercials, or do like me; I'm an Amazon prime member (since 2010); I get ad-free music stream, and its getting great! As a student (well, w/a dot-edu email to confirm) it's $59 annually and the perks far exceed the music. FYI

@paulandrewander wrote:

So, buy premium, or tolerate commercials

Unfortunately, neither buying premium nor tollerating commercials has anything to do with it. There are many premium users who have been forced over (read prior replies) and there are people who tollerated commercials (myself, included) who have been forced over as well. On top of that, you don't need to tollerate commercials on so there's really no connection to either of those things.


Spotify, unfortunately, just seems to not care at all and users are leaving because of it. It boggles the mind to think they forced people from the well thought otu interface of Play to the superbly underdeveloped interface of Open.

I pay for premium and I'm still stuck with this awful web player. Wait, I should say I "paid" for premium, because after I saw Spotify's lack of concern about this matter, I switched to Apple Music. Good riddance, Spotify.

is there another way to contact spotify?

The open.spotify sucks as a web player. As you guys said, the only wayt to use the good play.spotify is through IE.


I'm looking online for a solution for so far, nobody seems to have found a way to go back to play.spotify...

if you're on Chrome, download the User-Agent Switcher for Chrome extension, then go into its options and under its "Permanent Spoof List", add '' with IE10 set in the dropdown box. that should help hopefully

This worked for me on my Chromebook. As a Premium subscriber one shouldn't have to go to this extent just to be able to use radio and playlists without Chrome defaulting to the open player version.

Thank you a lot! 

it's working perfectly : ) 

As Oliie said, it's quite sad we have to use an extension to use the web player normally...


This link has 'you do not have sufficient permissions' for me as well.

It's an old link, the place he meant to send you to is:


It's just a place to submit issues.

Downloading a third party browser extension should not be the only solution.


Please reply in this thread so it gets some traction:

While I hope everyone agrees that it's not the solution, it is a solution. The solution needs to come from Spotify, however they either don't care or haven't noticed the exit en masse of disenchanted users, even many former paying users.

Indeed, just don't think it helps the situation to mark this thread as solved.

Agreed and I had un-marked it earlier. However, some may say it does solve the thread's initial topic: "Web Player: How to disable and revert back to URL?". The UA Switcher extension in Chrome currently doesn't forward you to if you set it up to always use IE10. It just limits you to only using Chrome and installing a 3rd party extension, as you pointed out.

What made you move from Google Play to Spotify? I just got the updated web version and decided to start a subscription to Google Play Music. So far it seems great! Only having some issues migrating my playlists, but the player seems fantastic.

Ladies, gents,


My good old webplayer is back on.

I was just complaining to a colleague yesterday how annoying it was and went to play.spotify to show how it would redirect me, and it didn't, it stayed at the proper page.

Alright, Adobe Flashplayer said it was blocking the page's content so I told Adobe to allow the content and that was that. No redirection and I didn't have my webbrowser agent spoofer on.


I don't know if it has been fixed for you guys too, or that the Adobe exception that I get now just stops the auto-redirect, but for me it's fixed now, so it may be worth a try to check it again in your browsers too 🙂


Using Firefox btw



Awesome! I just tried as well and it didn't redirect me. Hopefully the
changed the mindset on that horrible before they lost too
many users.

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