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Web Player: How to disable and revert back to URL?


Web Player: How to disable and revert back to URL?

Hi all,


I recently cancelld my premium subscription, and since then I've been suffering from a new UI for the spotify web player. This UI sucks to say the least. It also opens URLs through "" instead of "" and whenever I try to go to play.spotify - I'm redirected to open.spotify. 


The reason I hate open.spotify is because there are an insane amount of limitations here. There is no way for me to access web player settings even. I've attached screenshots of my account page and the brose page respectively. 


I've also noticed that this is only a problem on Chrome. I tried on IE and it worked just fine when I went to This problem has persisted across several computers, and I've observed the same computers going to on different accounts. It's literally restricted to my account on Google Chrome. 


Any help reverting back to is much appreciated.


Thank you. Spotify Account.PNGSpotify Browse.PNG

76 Replies

Why is this mark as solved?
It clearly isn't...
They shouldn't have released this crappy version until it was ready with at least the same functionality of the previous version.

@ganonms wrote:

Why is this mark as solved?

I guess the OP was being funny by marking the "solution". Here is thread marked as the solution:

Time to ditch my premium membership. With the Spotify desktop app having issues opening often and this downgraded webplayer, what is the purpose of paying for a service that I am not receiving? 

The joke about discontinuing membership was a bit funny, but as said above - the issue is not resolved.

Switching my user agent on the latest Chrome OS (as of May 1, 2017) to "Edge - Windows" let me stay on rather than the redirect to that awful, backwards, broken, utterly unusable . I really hope changing the user agent continues to work because really is the best way to interact with spotify

Pretty much what you guys should do is go to their most alike competitor, Deezer, is just literally just as good, as Spotify, honestly go support a music streaming site that actually deserves to be where they are, at least they don't play extremely annoying ads just to make you upgrade to premium.

Yes! Editing the User-Agent worked for me as well!

Looks like today is the day. My Chrome UA Spoofer is no longer working...

Same, seems they've finally killed play.  What a shame, cancelling my subscription - back to other services for me.

Yup, as of today it is no longer working for me either. This blows.

this is it guys! its over!

User Agent changer stopped working for me today, so I get re-directed to The developers responsible for this should be fired. The UI & UX is truly awful. Missing loads of features that we had in Feels like a poorly designed mobile app scaled up to Desktop resolution. It would be nice to get some kind of explanation from Spotify here, but I doubt we'll see one. The only possible explanation is that it's deliberately bad to force people onto the Desktop application. You've lost a paying customer.

Marked as solution

Alright, that's it. I was pissed off when they forced the new player on us, which is a terrible UI that's unfit for desktops and doesn't even show partial albums (when you have some songs from an album, but not the whole album saved) under "Albums", but I was willing to stick around as long as the User Agent trick worked to get the old player back. Now that this method has been killed, I'm never using Spotify again.

Yeah, sorry everyone; Spotify just shot itself in the foot with this move. They've lost so many paying customers and so many free users who may have been upsold at some point. I can't recall the last time I've seen a company knowingly and willingly screw its user base this badly.


If I find another solution, I'll post it here, but when you have to work this hard to just USE a product, it's all but dead to the industry. It was a good run.

User Agent stopped working for mee too... This seems to be a goodbye party

Yes, returns an HTTP 301 status code (moved permanently), so it appears that they've removed the old player entirely... 🙁 (The code doesn't appear on the web; you just get redirected, but you can check it with Wget or something.)

Well...I'm a premium user on a desktop, and it sucks there too...can't get to And I've read elsewhere that I'm not the only premium and/or desktop user having the problem. Plus, recently there's also a problem with playlists stopping after just one song you have to manually start the next song, after which the playlist stops again. Many are having that problem, both on phone and desktop, and the Community thread is filled with angry users. It's ridiculous that Spotify doesn't seem to care about UX or complaints. How many will have to leave before they maybe listen and do something about the problems/complaints? Meh.

Cool to see this thread pop up again after so long.  I switched to Google Play months ago after user agent stopped working to let me switch to play.spotify instead of open.spotify and y'know what?  I haven't regretted it for a day.  Google has all of the same music plus WAY better radio stations and better playlist functionality (I remember when I figured out you couldn't rearrange the order of songs in a playlist on spotify mobile... ahh, good times).  And it costs exactly the same (their family plan is actually cheaper than Spotify's depending on how many people are joined as they allow more people onto a single family plan, and doesn't require all members to live at the same address like Spotify does).  Plus, at the end of the day, they don't make bad UX decisions and ignore their customers.  I'd recommend switching.

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