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[Web Player] RAM usage in Windows

[Web Player] RAM usage in Windows






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Good morning.
Since two weeks ago the web player started to consume much more resources.
Since I open the browser, in 30-40 minutes the ram usage doubles.
I tried on windows with firefox, vivaldi, chrome and edge, with my premium account and with a free account. I also tried on linux (firefox) and the results were always the same.

I uninstalled and cleared cache and cookies in all cases. I also tried on another computer with a different internet connection.
I tried with and without vpn, but in all cases the ram usage is the same.
My main use is on my work computer, where I can't install programs, so the desktop version is not an option for me.

The problem is that it has no ceiling, if I don't restart the browser, spotify consumes all resources until it crashes.

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Hey there @Frajuba11


Thanks for reaching out about this, and welcome to the Community 🙂


Could you send over some screenshots of what you're seeing from your end with the RAM usage? You can attach them using the Insert Photos option in the post editor.


It would also be helpful to know your device's make and model and if this also happens when the web player is open but not playing any music. 


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.



The images were taken on a pc with:
Ryzen 7 2700
Motherboard Gygabite a320m-s2h
16gb RAM GeiL, at 3000Mhz
120gb SSD
Attached images of the parts of the pc.

This time I used firefox, and the images show the ram usage when I start playing, half an hour playing and one hour playing.


You can also download the report of firefox ram usage after 1 hour of playback at the following link:


This problem does not happen when web player is open but not playing any music.


I don't know if it's related, but at the same time this problem started, the album covers seem to reload every few minutes. You can see what I'm talking about in the following video:

This did not happen before.


Let me know if you guys need anything else.



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Hey @Frajuba11


Thanks for this info. 


We'll try to replicate this backstage and will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Stay tuned!

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