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Web Player Redirects to Main Spotify Page


Web Player Redirects to Main Spotify Page

First off, I'm on a tablet, which prevents me from downloading the desktop version or the mobile app, and from using any browser other than Internet Explorer.

Every time I try to go to the Web Player, it just redirects me to the Spotify home page. No notice about needing Flash, no nothing. It just takes me where I don't want to be.

It was working just fine on Monday night, and then Tuesday it just ceased working.

Is there an issue with the player, or have the Powers That Be decided to prevent IE users from accessing it? I just want to listen to my music.


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This seems to work on my surface but you have to do it every time and you have to leave the developer menu open while on the web player.

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 Hi AtraLux. Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Is this the link you are trying to access? [] 


If you're experiencing an issue, would you mind sending a screenshot here?


Since you mentioned that you are using your tablet, you should be able to install the Spotify app via App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android.





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***I'm not by any means working or related with Spotify. I’m just trying to be helpful; that’s it!***


My tablet is a Windows Surface, so there's no app for me. Trust me, if I could get it, I would have already.


Yes, [] is where I'm trying to go, but it takes me to the home page (see attachment, assuming it worked) instead. No error message, no indication that something is wrong. It just doesn't work.


It doesn't matter if I use a bookmark, type in the url, or use the Web Player link at the bottom of the page. Same result.


I'm also having the same issue on a windows surface was fine the other day now can no longer access web player and keeps trying to get me to open the app which is not available in the Windows store!

Same Issue as you two - running on a  SURFACE RT - was working for me up until I tried to use it yesterday. Lets hope this gets resolved quick!!

Same issue here. I have been going round and round on this with support and they act like they don't know about it. They want me to do regedit and also link to facebook account which I do not have and don't want and also asked someone else to see if they could link to my account with facebook on a surface and seemed they could not. I pay for my service not free and it's now useless and unusable

I'm having the exact same problem.  I have a Windows 8.1 RT device, so I can't download an app. It's super frustrating.

Yes, the URL I type in is  It's difficult to take a screenshot, but as the page is loading, the URL gets redirected with (I'm in Canada).  I both typed in the URL and clicked on the link from the bottom of, with the same result


I also tried switching to the traditional desktop view and trying to load the Web Player from there, instead.  It has the same result, I get redirected to 


Hello guys! 


This isn't cool as it looks like the issue is spreading out like a virus. But when I try visiting the link, it directed me to the sign in page where you need to log in to access the player.


So, I hope we can try a little more. I'm giving a few steps that you could try to fix the issue, and if you've already done this, then maybe a help from technical experts at Spotify would help.


Try these steps:


  1. Open the link in a different browser. If you're on Chrome, try Internet Explorer, Safari if you're using Mac or Mozilla and vice versa. Make sure before you access the link, you have already cleared your cache/cookies.
  2. Next would be to open it via incognito or private browsing session. 
  3. Make sure your Flash player is updated.
  4. Connect to the site on a different WIFI connection if possible.

If these steps didn't give you luck, please contact Spotify directly to help you. You can reach out to them here, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on their Facebook page.





If this post solved your issue - Accept it as a SOLUTION.

If you like my post - Please add LIKES to it.

***I'm not by any means working or related with Spotify. I’m just trying to be helpful; that’s it!***

Hi Marlon,

Thanks for your reply. Sadly with the surface you are unable to use any other browser, other than Internet Explorer so we can't try changing that. I've just tried an inprivate tab/session and cleared cookies with the same result. I think our Flash must be up to date as it was ok until a couple of days ago. Will try Spotify directly.

Thanks again

I have the exact same issue on my Surface RT running 8.1, IE 11. This just started 2 days ago. And as other users suggest, we cannot add other browsers to the Surface RT. And the Spotfy App will not be developed for the Surface RT. So we only have the Spotify Web Player available to us, which keeps redirecting us to the following URL


Could someone at Spotify read these messages and answer something like "We know of this issue and are looking into it" ????


It would be nice for someone to keep us up to date. It would also be a professional thing to do.

I have been writing to them and they say they are aware of the issue and are working on it. But I have very little confidence they will pursue this in a timely fashion.

I'm trying with the guys @spotifycares on twitter but I'm just going round in circles to be honest. It's new people all the time and they keep asking me to change browsers etc no matter how many times I tell them you can't on a surface! Just wish they'd stick an app in the windows store and we'd be sorted!

All affected subscribers should be asking for. $$ credit if you have a paid account.

well the spotifycares guys sent me this earlier:

Haven't tried it yet, not sure how old the article is in regard to this problem

The article is close to 4 years old. My Surface isn't even that old. I do not believe an article from 4 years ago will rectify our technical issue that just occured in the last couple of weeks. With all the issues we are seeing from Surface RT users, the problem surely lies with Spotify. But as someone pointed out earlier, they do not seem in a hurry to respond,  or try to fix the issue.....being that we are not even hearing a 'beep' from them.



Thought that might be the case-why would you need to debug a machine if it was working perfectly well a few days before unless they or Microsoft had suddenly changed something. Obviously a minority platform so we don't matter! 

Yes, and it is sad to say the least.

No response from anyone official? It's been almost a month. Come on already! 😞

I am also having the same issue. I just recently upgraded to Spotify premium and am very disappointed that my Surface RT can not play Spotify by any method. I like to use my Surface as a standalone music player connectted to bluetooth speaker.


Unfortunately if we don't have a solution soon I might have to switch to Rhapsody or another sevice.


Please provide a solution Spotify!

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