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Web Player Redirects to Main Spotify Page


Web Player Redirects to Main Spotify Page

First off, I'm on a tablet, which prevents me from downloading the desktop version or the mobile app, and from using any browser other than Internet Explorer.

Every time I try to go to the Web Player, it just redirects me to the Spotify home page. No notice about needing Flash, no nothing. It just takes me where I don't want to be.

It was working just fine on Monday night, and then Tuesday it just ceased working.

Is there an issue with the player, or have the Powers That Be decided to prevent IE users from accessing it? I just want to listen to my music.

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I have basically accepted that Spotify doesn't care and is never going to fix this issue. Maybe when I get a new computer, I'll come back to it, but for now I'm just using Pandora and Youtube for my music needs.

I hope they at least have the decency to refund anyone who had paid for Premium and can no longer use it.

I'm using Windows 8.1RT and Web player worked fine until 3 weeks ago but now have this same problem. There is not an App for spotify. Needs fixing.

Hello Spotifycares,


 I sincerely hope that you are reading these posts and will respond to what is currently happening, what the issues are, and communicate an expected timeline as to when you believe this will be resolved.


Or just plainly state, and let us know, that this problem will never be corrected.


Thanking you in advance.



No need for an app (there was a rogue app in the beginning), just do not redirect to the sales page, but to the web player: I am already logged in and I do already have a premium account, so why redirect to sell me something I alreeady have?

If you are trying to use a surface 2 which cannot run apps other than those from Microsoft store you will get the redirect to account. There used to be a 3rd party app in the Microsoft store called spotlite which would run but it was removed. Go to any other computer that can download and run apps like an android phone or windows 10 computer and download and install the Spotify app and with your premium account you should be good to go.


I don't have any other device. If it was as simple as "just use a different computer," don't you think I would have done that?

Exactly. My computer was stolen. The answer misses the point: please change the web site! That is a lot easier and cheaper than changing the device.

Again if you only have a Microsoft surface 2 available for use, (is that what you have?) Spotify has not addressed this issue of the redirect to account page rather than the web player page like before if it can be fixed by them at all or whether the issue is peculiar only to surface 2 because of some Microsoft update to the surface 8.1 RT operating system. Unfortunately if you have no other computer to work with like a Microsoft surface 3 or 4 you can download and install non-microsoft store programs on or a regular windows10 operating system or windows 8, not RT, or android, and can either download and install the Spotify app from the Spotify site or from Google site for android, until Spotify can address the issue, which they claim they are working on, but I doubt it, or there is an update from Microsoft to address it for the Surface 2, which I don't think will happen, there does not seem to be any other way to get your music service even with a premium account.


I have the first edition Surface and have tried downloading the app from the Spotify page, I've tried downloading the Windows phone app version to this too. It said it was downloading but then there was nothing to run or click to finally install it. I've given up and I'm now using the Deezer web player-not as much music I grant you (not that I've explored it much) but in some ways it's better as it continues to play when you're in another tab unlike Spotify. I'm just getting annoyed at the constant emails asking me to pay for and upgrade to Premium when they can't sort this!

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This seems to work on my surface but you have to do it every time and you have to leave the developer menu open while on the web player.


Hey, I'll accept that as a solution. And I found you can unpin the developer so that it's not in front of everything. It might be a bit of a pain, but it gets me my music back.


Yes with older surface you cannot install any app but those from Microsoft store and spotify is not one of them.

...aaaand after mandatory updates this solution doesn't work anymore 😞

yeah same problem. I can't access anymore cause i get redirected to but instead of a login page i get a page where i can only play 30 seconds clips and i cannot login. on a surface rt where i only can access internet explorer 11. 


Ps. I also tested internet explorer 11 on my laptop and there i can login. on my laptop i have the exact same setup of internet explorer as on my surface rt. I even tried without flash player on both devices but still not working on the surface. is dead. Also loved it, but well, it used flash, and the new one is on html5!


The new web player supports 4 browsers: Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It may support those browsers too that are based on the same engine as Chrome, for example.

IE is not supported anymore, but if it works, it's cool..... : )
Maybe this article helps you a little? It''s for Win8, but maybe it exists on yours too...


The new player doesn't use Flash anymore, so it will still work when Flash is disabled. However there are some DRM-related settings that need to be enabled (this article covers that)

On Edge there is a different setting hidden in the Advanced Settings for enabling webpages to save protected media licenses on your device. That should be enabled.

thanks for your reply,

but it is still not working. even after following those links.

I still get the exact same screen as described in my previous post.

where normally i get the login page i get this page:


See the photo to see what i mean: (my spotify is dutch btw)



The answer is simple I changed to google play music for the same price and found all the same music plus can play on more than one device at same time and included is youtube red with NO commercials + youtube originals. Good luck.

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Dear folks,


Here is a fix to this problem:



Nice! We'll see how long that lasts until they screw it up again. But for now, music!

Wonderful, it works!

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