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Web Player won't work on Chrome


Web Player won't work on Chrome






Dell Inspiron 14 Chromebook

Operating System

Chrome OS


My Question or Issue

Web Player will not load on Chrome, instead only showing a blank black page. (Attached) Since I'm on Chromebook, Chrome is my only option. Tried clearing cookies but alas, no luck. Used to work perfectly fine, not sure what the issue is. 

Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 2.28.28 PM.png
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following this one. For me the same, yesterday everything fine, this morning no Spotify on my Toshiba CB30-B-104 Chromebook. Just a black screen. Tried the first aid shizzle, delete cookies clear cache. Still black screen 😞
What happened Spotify / Google??

same problem (chrome os), js error

Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 12.16.08.png

Spotify webplayer worked ok yesterday morning but in the afternoon I got the black screen. 


I am hoping Spotify will issue a fix, as it seems something Spotify-related that happened yesterday, so it`s not due to any update in Chrome which I applied some time ago.  That`s why I don`t want to use the roll-back option that someone earlier in this thread had found.

Wow, it seems to be working again!

yes I see, that's quite fast, thnx to..???

Spotify is online again 🙂
But all the songs are grey in my Spotify so can't play them. But if I refresh they are avaiable again. I messed something up in the developers area I guesss 😞
Any advice is welcome 


All is good on my Chromebase this morning, no need to roll back the OS, although, I did clear all app cache on the Chromebase yesterday when it stopped working. I'm hoping it will stay fixed for a while. Thanks to an anonymous spotify engineer? We may never know ...

It's working now and hopefully it won't be messed up again. I didn't powerwash neither updated my Chrome OS so I'm pretty sure the issue came from Spotify. At last it's fixed! Thank you!

For me, it doesn't work either on Chrome and Firefox in Windows 7 im only able to play album i listened yesterday, the rest is grayed out.. anyoone having same issue?

Edit: Looks like everything is working back again just seconds ago :DDD

It works as the issue here was about Chrome OS and not Windows OS. But there's another probleme graying out songs yes. Pretty sure that's another issue since at least now the web player loads on Chrome OS.


EDIT: Doesn't work again. It worked for like an hour (with another issue ongoing tho) and now it's back to the same js error.

but just now it has gone black again on my CB. still working with you?


well no, the issue is back and still the same js error in the console. Get a grip Spotify please!!

You are correct, my Chromebase worked and played great at 7:00 am (PST) and at 7:45 am (PST) is just a black screen. I tried several restarts. I know that my Chrome OS did not update during this time. My phone app works fine and my PC app is unaffected. It seems to be something with the Spotify web player and Chrome OS (maybe chome devices?).  This makes me suspicious that the glitch/bug is on Spotify's side. Also people have mentioned that they have chromebooks that are secure or locked down by the Google Enterprise system (for k-12 schools, etc.), but my Chromebase is not locked down by an outside system. I hope that Spotifiy checks these support posts. 


Follow up to previous post. The web player on my PC is working fine, but just pulls up a big black screen on my chrome device. My chrome device "protect contend" settings are turned on and the web player URL has been added to be allowed on the brower for that device. I also have the Chrome Spotify brower extention installed, but still not function on my Chrome device. Also, just tried the web player on both my other Chromebooks and just get the black screen. I think this is a Chromebook/ Chrome device issue.  

It just came back for I don't know how long but I noticed two weird things:

-first a contrario from when it came back earlier this time I was logged out and had to login (which was odd since I had cleared cache before the 1rst time but not since)

-second a popup asked me to "verify" my computer as per request from Spotify to which I choose to do it.

At last I'd like to note that this time songs aren't grayed out. Everything seems to run smoothly. Until when I'm not sure but let's hope it stays this way.

Mine's working too...fingers crossed

Mine is also working again (at least for now).

Me too

Marked as solution

Hey there folks,


Thanks for reposrting this here in the Community!


This sounds like something our tech teams were looking into however it should be fixed now. 


If you're still having troubles, we'd recommend making sure to clear your browser's cache and cookies and give it another try. 


If you're using a Chromebook, you can also make sure that your browser is on the latest version available - you can follow the steps here to double check that.


Keep in mind that if you are using a Chromebook managed by your school/university/workplace etc., you'll need to reach out to your network administrators to request for the Chrome update on Chromebook.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if you need more help.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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I am having the same problem about 2 days ago i was chillin on my chromebook listening to spotify through my headphones but my parents called me to do something so i close my screen like a lot of people would do and when i come back i open my chromebook up logged wen't to play my music but it said "something when wrong try reloading the page" and there was a green button to reload the page but when you pressed it it would reload but go back to the exact same thing. I don't know what to do can someone help?

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