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Webplayer buttons grayed out, not playing

Webplayer buttons grayed out, not playing

I'm using an Acer Chromebook 15, the web player is not working. I can browse and see my music but can't get anything to play. The play and seek buttons are grayed out. I have spotify allowed in my plugins, I tried starting it on my phone first and then moving it to webplayer. I tried clearing my history/cache/cookies and restarting my browser. I've also tried logging out/in. It plays fine on my phone app. I attached a screenshot

Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 10.35.41 PM.png
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I have the same problem and i tried in Firefox. I have done the usual tricks, cleared cache and cookies but web player is still not working.

The exact same thing has been happening to me since Friday. I've been using it in chrome on windows on my work desktop. The app on my phone and on my mac work fine. I've tried logging out and back in, closing the app on my phone, etc. but nothing has helped. 

Exact same issue, been seeking a solution since the middle of last week when the player suddenly stopped working - Firefox on Win7. Was working fine, I paused the music for a bit, tried to resume and it wouldn't work. Refreshed the page and suddenly I get a red/black gradient background and my play/back/forward buttons are greyed out no matter what I do.


I've mucked about with 'connect to a device', I've logged out all other locations, I've selected 'this browser' in the connect window, I've cleared cache.


I've tried on my phone (works like a charm) - when I look at the connect to device screen on my phone though, it says player on Firefox is there but 'can't play this right now'.


*Update* Saw a recommendation in another thread about issues with web player - switched to a 'private' window (Firefox's version of incognito) and it works - but only in the private browsing window - rather a pain to have 2 instances to FF running when I should be able to run all in one window. Still seeking a 'real' solution, but this workaround may help others.

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