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Weird Problem with Volvo Sensus Connected Touch

Weird Problem with Volvo Sensus Connected Touch



I have spotify running on my Volvo via the Sensus Connected Touch.  No problems accessing and playing my playlists EXCEPT the Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist.


The Discover Weekly playlist was working fine in my car all the while until a couple of months ago.  Now it says "Loading" as the label for that playlist item.  The playlist is still accessible on my phone / desktop though.


I tried to unfollow / follow the playlist but it didn't solve the problem.


Can someone please help me out here?  Desperate to get the Discover Weekly playlist working again in my car.

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Yes !

We do not need support anymore, we justv want it to keep on running !

Anyone heard any news from Volvo? Still nothing on their website that they even acknowledge the issue. 

We must continue to call and ask them on this. What will they do to resolve it?

Just got a reply from Volvo where the customer support guy writes that this problem is nothing they've heard about before and that I need to get in touch with my nearest Volvo dealer to get help.


Do we just have to accept that our touch screens are basically worthless four years into the prouct cycle?

And who of us haven't talked to our dealer about it? They have no clue about it and says to contact someone else. 


And yes the Volvo connect touch sensus is total worthless now  And really I'm not joking the system is the selling point of my desession to buy the car back then  I didn't even tolk the car for a test ride.


I'm i junky of high tech  early adaptor and this is not okay. I've been trying tesla and things like this is more argument to not buy a Volvo.



Finally, i have reached out to a Volvo official, who is a customer care director.

This guy told me, that the relatively low number of sold SCT units does not justify an effort to invest into any development of the product. This decision has been made by Product Follow Up engineering team of Volvo. However, he confirmed, that there are discussions going on to have Spotify supported again. The SCT unit is not orderable anymore and there are no updates coming, eventuelly end-of-life and end-of-support.


I tried to get some reimbursment on this expensive product which became eventually useless, because when i invested in this, i was not informed about a product cycle.


I am currently investigating with this guy, when SCT has benn announced to be end of life and how. I am afraid that there are customers out there who has installed the unit and even in warranty period it was already out of support.


Please, reach out to Customer Experience Operations of Volvo on the following mail address with a description of the problem:




Here you will be asked to provide country of residence, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), dealership where you purchased your vehicle. 


After providing those information an appropriate Volvo representative will contact you, who seems knowledgable and act responsibly...(he/she will be not a dealership guy, but real Volvo representative from the office your residence belongs, in my case this is Volvo Hungary)


Thats it for now, i will keep you updated on a process...


Okay, mail address was cropped:



Thank you very much.

I have already openend a claim to VOLVO France, but I also send a mail to CXO.

Keep in contact.


Thanks, trentboyett! Just sent my email to CXO. Now I wait and see what happens.

So, how long did it take some of you to hear back from Volvo CXO? I sent an email yesterday morning and haven't gotten so much as an acknowldgement. 

Posted on sunday.
No reply yet.

Another dead SCT here. Email already sent to Volvo. 

I just also sent to the support and the dealer - again.

...i saw on volvos AND spotifys site, they booth still marketing the service.  

I have tweeted to Spotify and Volvo. Both didn' reply. Called Volvo 4 times. They would check it and call back and update their webpage with info. They have not once called back. The webpage is not updated and they have not ackowledged the issue. 

I email Bilia (Volvo dealer in Sweden that installs sct for volvo) they reply that I my self must contact Spotify and parrot.


The responses from these companies/partners are embarrassing. I have never met a company that rejects their responsibilit like this. Time for lawsuits?

I agree whit you. When I about to sell the car this year  the system isn't worth anything  Money in the toilet 

To be honest, some apps still work, but Spotify was the one I used the most.

I've been contacted today by Volvo cars France.
No way guys, they have no intention in redevelopping apps or asking Parrot to redevelopp smthg... For them, the product is quite old and has only been sold during one year, so, for them unsatisfied customers are not very numerous.
They will recontact me for a financial agreement.
You will maybe have more chance in other countries ?
Sorry for my poor english.

I just got a mail from swedish car dealer:


Vi har blivit informerad från Volvo Cars att ”Volvo Sensus Connected Touch” inte har Spotify längre som app i bilen. .

Detta är då Spotify har valt att avsluta samarbetet med dem som använder en ”gratis” platform som heter ”LibSpotify”.


Har du fler frågor eller funderingar gällande detta är det antingen Parrot som utvecklar mjukvaran för Sensus Connected Touch eller Spotify som du ska vända dig till för att få mer information.




We have been informed by Volvo Cars that the "Volvo Sensus Connected Touch" does not have Spotify anymore as the app in the car. .

This is when Spotify has chosen to terminate the collaboration with those using a "free" platform called "LibSpotify".


If you have any further questions or concerns about this, it is either Parrot who develops the Sensus Connected Touch or Spotify software that you will turn to for more information.




That answer **bleep**. I didn't buy my sct from Spotify or parrot but I did buy it from Volvo dealer. 

It's not legal to advertise and sell a system and the short after you paid the bill the system doesn't work as advertised. They will have to fix it or reimburse the full amount. I do t let this pass.

I have got a new answer.. because i wasnt happy with the first one 😉
In origin languange


Jag förstår dig och vi har framfört detta vidare till Bilias kontaktperson på Volvocars för att finna en lösning, i dagens läge avvaktar vi ett svar och så snart vi har mer information kring Volvo Sensus Connected Touch och Spotify kommer information att komma ut via Volvocars hemsida.


Jag beklagar att detta har skett och vi jobbar på bästa sätt för hitta en lösning på problemet.


Jag önskar dig trots allt en helt fantastisk dag!


Med vänlig hälsning



And in google translate:


I understand you and we have forwarded this to Bilia's contact at Volvocars to find a solution. At this point, we await a response and as soon as we have more information about the Volvo Sensus Connected Touch and Spotify, information will come out via the Volvo website.


I regret that this has happened and we work best to find a solution to the problem.


I wish you a wonderful day!




I would also really like to know what their answer is. I have a spotify premium account but when trying to login with it in my volvo it tellls me that I need a spotify premium account...really? how much premium then "premium" should it be? 😞


If you read the thread you see that the problem isn't about premium, it's about spotify parrot and Volvo doesn't build or take responsibility for sensus connect touch. The app is retired and no one of them care about the costumers bought the system and are upset.


Also ... The systems other app are also something to complain about  I mean only 4 apps  Very expansive system  If Volvo tolk a system like Android we wouldn't have this problem  

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