Why are the good functions being removed?

Why are the good functions being removed?

The radio funtion is where I want to start this little rant. You got rid of the radio. Then you added a "playlist radio" function that was horribly broken. It would have the same song listed 3 times out of 15 songs total? And even worse, I would set the radio to play Slipknot style songs, and I ended up with Taylor Swift? Why!? Add the radio back! People LOVED the radio. It helped me find new artists and enjoy random music in the genre I enjoy.

You removed the local files music. I had songs I recorded myself, as well as some from friends of mine that I enjoyed listening to when I wanted to listen to calming music. There is no way to get that music on Spotify so theres basically no way to listen to it now (since Windows Media Player doesn't want to work with the media files). I understand getting rid of it because of pirated music, but that punishes everyone else who doesn't pirate music.

You got rid of the 3rd party Lyrics app then added one built in. Then got rid of that. Why? A lot of people love to sing along to their favorite songs, but not everyone can memorize the lyrics and need some help. Add it back. It is a function people liked.


I'm honestly scared Spotify is going to remove playlists all together and just mash up every genre together. (THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA. DON'T DO THAT.) I pay for Premium, but honestly, its not even worth it anymore if you keep removing all the good functions Spotify has.


All in all, Spotify is going down hill as more and more people use it. Why is this happening? Are there behind the scene things causing all of this? Or is it just bad management? I'm not trying to make you all sound like bad people, but it's hard not to think that way considering all the choices being made. Are people voting to have these functions removed? Can we please get some answers with this?

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Please someone answer this!!!

As a designer of apps myself ... I see this so often and I can tell you it's almost always commercial gains eroding the experience for the user. YouTube is a brilliant example. The App is worse than it's ever been but makes Google far more money than ever before. Greed ruins UX ... always.

I'm almost at the point of deleting Spotify and moving away - what a shame. They are completely forgetting what made it so popular in the first place.

The big one for me - is the fact that PLaylist Radio is completely broken. That was the ultimate way to discover new music ... now it doesn't matter what music you compile into a playlist, it will play you the same songs over and over and over again. Not what I signed up for.

what a shame.

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