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Windows 10 mobile Spotify app issues

Windows 10 mobile Spotify app issues

Experiencing bugs on the Spotify app for Windows 10 mobile - it seems this app hasn't been updated in a long time...


1. After playing 10 or so songs the app stops playing, songs need to be selected again to resume playback - frustrating when using a Bluetooth audio device.


2.Offline sync'd songs and playlists rarely use the offline version resulting in mobile data usage. This feature is my main reason for paying for a premium subscription.


I'm sure there are other Windows 10 mobile users that are eager to get an app update especially us premium users!!!

16 Replies

Thought it was a problem of my device, as this didnt happen on my Windows Phone 8.1 but happens quite frequently now. It always stops playing and there is no way to get to the Mixtapes. Is somebody even working on these problems?

Having problems on Lumia 930 and 735, too. I doubt Spotify even cares, as there isn't an official response. I guess a few bugs are not worth their time, so they're just throwing us under the bus. I may be wrong and they could be working on a badass UWP app, but something tells me we're too few to matter for them, and since they're a for-profit org, they just ignore us so they can focus on serving the majority.

Microsoft released developer software that allows Android apps to be ported to Windows mobile. Sure it probably won't convert everything but it would be a head start for Spotify programmers.

Hi Spotify and Fans.


Since the  update last week my Windows Lumia 950 no longer operates Spotify.

As a paying Premium client I am looking for  professional support from Spotify.


or is it now Spot-i-Fry


The error message is:

." The audio could not be started.Please restart the application."

Which just returns to the same error!

I don't understand the lack of support for paid users! Being able to listen to mixes should be standard too! It just seems very one sided - I bet other platforms other than mobile OSes run into similar trouble. What if Spotify develop a metro app for Windows 10 on the computer OS? That would mean simple integration to the mobile platform. 

You can thank the media for declaring the "death" of Windows phones for the last 6 years. And you can also thank Microsoft for not managing its relationshio with Spotify and other big app partners in a better way. Finally, you can thank Spotify for giving up working on its app without announcing a UWP app would be in the works. I'd imagine that management is really desperate for cost-cutting, so building a simple HTML5+Javascript+audio API is too damaging for the financials of the company to make sense for them. In a world where companies regularly throw their customers under the bus, I would have expected Spotify to set a different example, one of supporting all of your customers, wherever they may be. Just look at what Microsoft has announced at BUILD 2017, they are going to support everyone whichever platform they choose, which is what a company should do in 2017.  

I wonder how many WP customers have migrated to Groove Music....

Probably an insignificant number. Don't get me wrong, I like Groove Music, but the discovery features of Spotify are just the best out there, at least for the moment. If Microsoft really wants to make a difference, they should buy Spotify, not LinkedIn. At least Spotify can actually make them money, and build consumer trust.

An other alternative might be Deezer. At least in my country they are currently showing a lot of commercials and support Windows all naturally, the same for pc or phone. I am currently personalizing my still free Deezer account and to be honest, they have nearly the same music and features. Only thing is, that Spotify has a special offer for students so right now its only half the price. 

Yes, Deezer is a good alternative, however it still lacks the magic of Spotify's discovery features. It has gotten a lot better over the last two years, but it still needs more work. I do use it from time to time, as I don't have time to waste making the Spotify app to work. This isn't the first blunder for Spotify, some of us surely remember the "small issue" with their database files on PC, which generated an enormous amount of SSD writes, greatly reducing the lifespan of the drives ( That took very long to solve, and we're not talking about a few users like we do on Windows phones. Spotify needs to have more HUMANS working in the support department.

There is now a Windows 10 metro app version of Spotify - how hard would it be to port it over to windows mobile 10???

I get the same message now along with no network connection when I have 4g internet and,wifi showing connected. Very frustrating. Think I will abandon Spotify and find an alternative.

Since Microsoft has stopped the Grove Music and recommended using Spotify, can we expect Spotify now to look into the issue?

At this point, I'm cynical about this industry. I would be shocked if Spotify will even read this post. 

Groove music. I've been using it for years now... Got moved to Spotify, had about 3 days of crashes... (and i'm a premium user)... tried to play music offline, needed a connection anyway (*even though all downloaded on phone)... and now the app is not starting. I have to restart my phone every hour or so to make it run until the next time i don't use the app for an hour.

It's so upsetting and dissapointing.


That is the message I was getting at first. I'm do not remember what I did after getting that message but I did on another device setup some music and then I was just getting the screen (without the error) but the dots would just keep going, no matter how long I waited. Finally I was able to get Spotify to go to the main screen and listen to music, but I have not used the app that much yet to see if I have to restart after a period of time. I guess that is my next test.

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