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local storage of music files

local storage of music files

Hello everyone


I have just subscribed to premium and need to understand how spotify saves files.  All my music is stored on an external hard drive and I have specified the location of this system in the spotify preferences.  However, I can't find the files I have just downloaded when going into my Mac's finder system ... Does spotify change names of files?





3 Replies

In spotify preferences you can specify which folders containing your local files you want added and the track details are added to the spotify library under "local files". They aren't physically moved or changed in any way. Spotify uses a cache for storing music you listen to or download from it's service and the location of that is also specified in the options byt that's really not useful as this cache is encrypted.

If my subscription expires/doesn't get renewed, will i still have access to the 'downloaded' music?

No, your subscription needs to remain active to access that content. If your subscription expires at any time the content will be deleted as you no longer have license to store it.

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