wrong songs in remote group session

wrong songs in remote group session






Samsung, IPhone, PC

Operating System

iOS, Android, Windows 10


My Issue

I often use the Group Sessions feature to listen together while playing with someone. 
We discovered multiple bugs with this feature two of which I will adress here.

Maybe both bugs arise from the setup we use, but I doubt it.

We both start the group session on our mobile phones but play the music in the app on our Windows 10 PC.


Firstly, only the host can add songs or change the playlist. When I as a Group Session Member add a song, it seems to work fine, but the song does not appear in the queue of my friend and it will just not be played when it is its turn.


Secondly, automatically created playlists do not work with Group Sessions. 
For example when my friend plays his "Mix Of The Week" the songs played for me are the songs in my own "Mix Of The Week". We were really confused by this, because at first it seemed like random songs were played, but then we realised it perfectly fitted my playlist.

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I've been having problems with group sessions too. I am able to "join" the sessions that my friend makes, but I can't hear the music that he is playing. When I go to play the songs, it automatically kicks me out of the session. Please help, Spotify! We enjoyed this feature so much before.

Hey @Kablion,


Thanks for the post.


We'd recommend you run a clean reinstall on both your phone and the PC, following this Spotify guide. Regarding the first issue - does it appear if you continue listening to music from your phones?


Regarding the second issue - it seems something that might be expected, since the app sends a request for the Mix of the Week on the account that is playing music itself.


It would be great if you can capture a screen recording of the issue with your friend, so that we can check out how things look on your end 🙂


@vynangwen, This looks like a separate issue. We recommend you create a new post about it on the Help boards. This way we can keep things tidier and offer more relevant solutions 🙂






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