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Welcome to the Spotify Podcasts Community! What's your Favorite Podcast?


Welcome to the Spotify Podcasts Community! What's your Favorite Podcast?

Hey, Podcast fans! 


Welcome to the Spotify Podcasts Community! We're glad you're here 😊 Before we get started, here's what our community is all about:

This is the place to share and discuss the shows and creators that everyone should be paying attention to. Whether you're a listener and a fan, or a podcast creator looking for some inspiration, this is your spot to talk about your favorite shows, podcast habits and culture, and everything in-between. 

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Now, let's have some fun! 


As a welcome, let's introduce ourselves with a little game. Here's how to play:


1. What's your name/username?

2. What part of the world are you in?

3. What is your favorite podcast? Share an episode! 


Once you've done that, find someone else in the comments below and leave 1 podcast recommendation (or more!)


📢Tip: To embed a podcast in the comments, simply grab the link by selecting "Share" on Spotify, and post it here. 

Let's do it! We're so excited to meet you all. 

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I'm DesertCruiser, got my name because I used to drive through the desert between LA and Phoenix all the time, it became kind of a relaxing thing for me. 


I live in Arizona, in the US


My favorite show is probably the Boogie Monster with Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone. The dudes are old comedians that sometimes talk about cryptids and other mysteries, but mostly they just mess around...funny as heck though

hello! konamicoder here! (I love games!)


I'm in LA! home of blue skies and the 405. heh.


favorite podcast is Ologies. 


Start with this episode about trees!


You'll never look at them the same way again.





I'm podsandfood because my favorite things are podcasts and food. I also have an IG of the same name 😉 


I'm also in LA! Hello-@konamicoder!


I have so many podcasts I would recommend...right now I'm super into true crime pod Rotten Mango and I love improv so listen to OffBook.

  1. Hi, I’m Adam (username TreyAnastasio)
  2. I currently live in San Francisco, United States
  3. I haven’t listened to a lot of podcast episodes yet, but my current favorite podcast on Spotify is VOLUME FOREVER, hosted by Rob Blasko. Similarly to The Doomed and Stoned Show (which unfortunately isn’t on Spotify right now), VOLUME FOREVER focuses primarily on covering “underground” doom metal and stoner rock (two of my favorite genres of music). I still need to listen to most of the episodes, but my favorite one that I’ve checked out is the latest episode, where Blasko announces the winners of the Doomies 2021 awards (“the first underground heavy music awards show of its kind,” according to the Doomed & Stoned website) and plays representative tracks of theirs. I was glad to hear in this episode that some bands that I enjoy listening to (including Lowrider, Dopelord, and Slomosa), as well as one of my favorite record labels (Heavy Psych Sounds Records), won Doomies awards to recognize their musical achievements; and King Buffalo (another of my favorite bands) won a Doomies award for the best album artwork, on their Dead Star album:


Also, thank you for sharing this podcast about trees, @konamicoder; it sounds really interesting! One other podcast that I thought you might like is the In Defense of Plants podcast with Dr. Matt Candeias, which has some episodes about trees as well–like this one that I was enjoying listening to today, which explores the topic of oak seed dispersal through a conversation with ecologist Dr. Michael Steele (who recently wrote a book on the topic):



AdamDamSpotify Star
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Ahh! I love this! Do you have a favourite food podcast? 🍔🌭🌮🌯🥙
HuboSpotify Star
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Hey folks! 👋


I’m Hubo, been a Spotify user for about 6 years now and I’m a Community Star here for about 3 years. I’m from The Netherlands 🇳🇱 and have been really getting into podcasts just recently after a friend’s suggestion.


I love to listen when hiking, walking, biking or in public transit and mostly listen to fictional podcasts!


A Dutch podcast I really liked is “De Brand in het Landhuis” which was absolutely a thrilling (real) story: (so Dutch folks if you don’t know where to start with podcasts; this is the one that gets you hooked!!)




Then there’s the Daily TED podcast which never fails to surprise me:


lovely podcast for learning new things every day!


Nice to meet everyone here and looking forward to hearing what podcasts got you hooked! 👋




HuboSpotify Star
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Hello my name is Miguel. My username is @yetitears and I create melodic house and ambient music as Yeti Tears.


I’m in Colorado Springs, CO, USA currently.


One of my favorite podcasts is Into the Impossible with Dr Brian Keating: this was a great episode and I bought James’ boom after listening to it.

Trey! thanks so much for the recommendation. I just listened to this episode. Who knew there was such a strategy around what seeds to eat and what to store! Whoa. The part about the Oaks managing their seed output to keep the squirrel populations in check was fascinating. Also given your own listening preferences (re: music and metal) you might be excited to know that Metallica just launched a podcast!

1. What's your name/username? @Decorum

2. What part of the world are you in? Maine, U.S.

3. What is your favorite podcast? Share an episode! This is tough, but I listen to Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth the most regularly. I recommend for those who want to maintain a balanced and sustainable healthy lifestyle. 2nd place was basically ANY QCode Podcast (Left Right Game, Borrasca, The Edge of Sleep, Blackout) if you really like fictional/storytelling podcasts.

These are great shows. I really think you would enjoy QCode shows a lot too if you wanted to give them a chance. 


Start off with Borrasca or Left Right Game. 


Hope you give them a chance!

You would REALLY like The Last Podcast on the Left! My personal favorite episodes from them are the Jonestown episodes.


Just search "Episode 300 Jonestown Part I - Everyone in the World is My Friend" and it will get you started. There are 5 parts to this. 


If you don't know anything about the Jonestown massacre do a quick google search. They also cover stuff like Satanism for dummies, the murdaugh family murders and so much more

Hey everyone!

1. What's your name/username?

Peter/Peter 🙂

2. What part of the world are you in?
Sofia, Bulgaria

3. What is your favorite podcast? Share an episode!
I love any podcast with a good, long conversation in it. I've been listening religiously to Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard lately: it's the first thing I listen to when they drop an episode on Monday/Thursday.

I loved that one of my fave shows interviewed one of my fave artists - it felt like two universes colliding:


Hello everyone! My name is Lawson and my username on spotify is lawsondun25. I am from Maine (USA) and I don't listen to a lot of podcasts honestly! I am big into discovering new music though and making playlists is my favorite thing to do on the planet 💖 Anyways, I started a live radio show a few months ago and have been uploading the episodes to Spotify. It's called Spicy Nuggets of Love and I do trivia giveaways, college missed connections and weekly special guests. I also play upbeat and fun music to start off the weekend right 😎 I will link my podcast in this message if you would like to check it out, thank you! 

Welcome, Lawson!! We're stoked to hear more about your show, we hope you tell us (and the community) more about it as more episodes come out!

Loveee this Q. Totally depends on my mood but to start:


1. brieob 👋

2. Brooklyn 

3. Fav podcast totally depends on my mood but the very first radio show turned podcast that hooked me is: TAL. And a great starter episode from this year that I loved is: 749: My Bad. It's a fun reminder that we're all human and make mistakes. 🙂 




Hey everyone!

1. What's your name/username?

Melody 🙂

2. What part of the world are you in?
Cambridge, UK

3. What is your favorite podcast? Share an episode!
Happy Place by Fearne Cotton! I love hearing everyone's perspectives on health, mental health, happiness, and wellbeing!

I'm extremely disappointed that you'd pick Rogan over Young. Rogan is nothing but a blowhard spreading misinformation about Covid. I've liked Spotify for years, but it's time to start looking at other streaming sources.

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