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Family Invite not working

Family Invite not working

Hi Guys can anyone help me!!! When i accept a family invitation i click 'accept invitation' take me through to the confirmation page where i place my details in to confirm i live in the same house, however it does not accept my details and continues to come up with the attached message as if i'm trying to change the family plans. Please can anyone help? 🙂

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Hey there @Charlie1235,

thanks for posting in the community.


The Family Plan is a real treat!

Don't give up just yet.

If you subscribed to a private account and reside and the exact physical address as the family plan owner you eligable to be invited to the party.


Please try and process the registration through an Incognito page or a different web browser to see if it helps.

Note: make sure your doing the proccess on your device and not on the family plan owners device.


Waiting to see how it goes 😃

Hello One byBoo, thanks for your message. When i accept the invite from my email inbox it takes me directly to the web browser i use, i cannot accept the invite or even see a 'redeem' section in my profile when using Incognito tabs? I cannot even see under my subscription section a cancel/delete profile section. Really stumpted with what to do and there is no one to call either?

Hey there @Charlie1235,

thanks for the quick update.


Please perform a right click on the link in your email inbox and on the menu click "open using incognito page".


If you've managed using the ingocnito page and you still cannot accept the invite, please have the owner try sending it to another mail (do not open it from the same device as the owner's using).


On top of all that and just in case, i'm adding the Premium for Family help page here for further info.


Let me know how it goes 😃

Hello Onebyboo, thanks again for your support, however i am still receiving the same message saying "you can only change family plans once per year." 


I have been part of Premium plans before, but these have now been discontinued/cancelled. It's really annoying as my wife is paying for premium and i cannot access the account? I have been through all the help sections too... any further help would be greatly appeciated? thanks 

Hey, I had this problem too! I contacted them of Facebook and it was solved right away.

You can send them a message on:




Twitter (DM): 


Spotify Support:


Tell me if you need more help! Xx

Hey  OnebyBoo. I sent my girlfriend and her sister the link to my family plan. My girlfriend was able to join no problem, but her sister still is able to join. I’ve sent the link to her number and Snapchat. I’ve even gone as far as restarting both of our phones. Nothing is working. Any idea how to fix this 



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