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Family Premium subscription: Family member removed

Family Premium subscription: Family member removed

Help! 2 of my family member got removed because they did not reply (they missed to do iit) to to the Spotify email to verify their address. I re-invite the 2 members but no way for them to be subscribed as before, spotify denies that! Any ideas other than subscribe to Music or YT music?

thank you, Leonardo






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Hey @1166835120, welcome to the Spotify Community! 


Keep in mind that in order to be part of a Premium for Family plan, you must reside at the same address. Also, make sure to add the right address or the same one you added at the beginning of the subscription. 


Let us know how it goes. 


I encountered the same problem too, as it did not come in my regular inbox it had been sitting in my junk mail past the due date, and until I started hearing ads while on Spotify I was very confused as to what had happened. 

Hey @1166835120 and @Hakimali,


If you are still experiencing this issue, please go check out this thread and read the solution. You'll be good to go in a jiffy 🙂 

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