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Family account - issues entering address on new family member

Family account - issues entering address on new family member

Hi - First off, is there any direct email support for Spotify? I've spent too much time looking for assistance and now I'm posting here.....


I'm on a Premium plan and have my wife and 1 daughter connected to the plan. I have just invited daughter # 2 to the plan but when I go to confirm the address it only shows up as USA and I cannot change it to Canada.


The account is registered in Canada to a Canadian VISA card. I live and work between the USA and Canada thus the confusion. I had to contact Spotify about this issue to register daughter # 1 and it was fixed quickly.


Can someone please tell me how to rectify this problem OR how to contact Spotify directly. 


Thanks so much! 



4 Replies

Hi there,


You can contact Spotify directly here.

This link will allow you to write a ticket to the Support describing your problem. 


Hope it helps 🙂

Hey @matthew1972.


How's it going? We hope you managed to resolve this issue with our Customer Support team.


If not, or in case anyone else is experiencing a similar problem, could we suggest the following:

  • make sure that your daughter is logged into her own account when accepting the invite
  • try accepting the invite on a desktop (again making sure you're logged into the member's account), and try in different browers and an incognito window

Let us know if that does the trick. If not, we'll be here to provide other steps.

Hi Peter - My issue did get resolved. I chatted with someon at Spotify and they suggested I change my daughters country address and then do the invite again, which I did and it all worked out. Thanks!

Hey @matthew1972.


That's great news! Glad to hear the folks at Customer Support were able to help you out 🙂


Let us know if you have any other questions - we'll be right here.


Have an amazing day 🙂



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