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Family address verification is SSSSOOOOO buggy and too stringent

Family address verification is SSSSOOOOO buggy and too stringent

OK so I'm the account owner, and I recently tried to add my wife and daughter to my family plan. Everything going well until Spotify decided to "verify" their accounts by asking them to input their addresses. Only problem is that they must have input something slightly differently to me, so they got kicked out of the family subscription.


"No problem" I think. I'll just go in and check exactly what I entered into the address fields in my account so that they can then write the same thing in theirs. Not so easy. I can't verify my own address so that my wife and daughter can't write the same in theirs. THIS IS SOO FRUSTRATING!!!!!


Am I really supposed to believe that the only option is now for me to delete my account and set up a new one so that my wife and kids can input an address that is consistent enough to pass muster with the Spotify account inspectorate?


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Hey there @jamesocarroll,

thanks for posting in the community!


As each member of the Family plan should have his own premium account, i'd suggest the following:


- Remove all members from the Family plan

- Have the members you can't verify, change their address on their own accounts using this help guide

- Make sure the addresses are alighed correctly

- Resend the invites and verify them again


In any case you need the full Premium for Family help page, i'm adding it here.


Let me know if you need further help 😃

What a hassle solution. 😕

I share the same exact problem! 

Can't you make it more user or should I say "FAMILY" friendly?!? I am so disappointed with this. I strongly believe that this problem defeats the purpose of the "FAMILY" promo. I am paying the promo while being the ONLY member on it. Can you imagine that!? lol.


Solution suggests to create a new account. How about the exisiting playlist fromt previous account? Do you have any features that could copy playlist from other account with full control over it? 

This is incredibly stupid and frustrating !!! St instead of Street and you have to do all that crazy nonsense.

I tried to verify the address for two accounts on my family plan. I was right there doing it with them, the address information was correct and matched, yet they still received an error and have since been kicked off my plan and blocked from rejoining for a year? What a crock!

Hey @Tbog ,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


As much as we'd like to help you directly in reinviting the members to the Family plan after the verification hurdles, we won't be able to, because we don't have the tools to do so. It'd be best to contact our customer support team through this page. They'll assist you in this.


Hope this helps,



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