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Family unable to log in

Family unable to log in

My family members have been using my family premium accounts for few months. This aftn i found out my old credit card been expired and i have updated my credit info and re-invite all family members to join. However, all of them can't log in. I tried all the described method, e.g. unsubscribed, log out, then resubscribe with new credit card info, cancel invites to family and re-invite & etc... Spent 2 hrs, nothing works. What shall I do?

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Hey there @yeenileung,

thanks for posting in the community !


If all members of the family plan you wish to invite and all entered the correct physical address there's please, re-send the invites and have them opening them using an incognito web page of a different browser as it might do the trick.

Note: invites should not be accepted using the owners PC.


However, if you feel like further info is needed, added here is the Premium for Family help page with everything an owner or invited family members should know.


Waiting to see how you did 😃

I have just tried in the incognito mode. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all. Any other possible solution?

Hey there @yeenileung,

thanks for the update.


You mantioned changing the payment method, is the card you provided match you country details ?



What I'd recommend you is to look for some help with Spotify staff. They've helped me before with this same problem and it was solved in minutes.

You can send them a message on:




Twitter (DM): 


Spotify Support:


Tell me if you need more help! Xx

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