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How to get multiple Alexa's to play from different Spotify A/C's

How to get multiple Alexa's to play from different Spotify A/C's







We have a Spotify Premium Account with 4 individual users.

Each one of us has an individual Alexa speaker in our respective bedroom (Every Alexa was purchased using the same Amazon account, and so they are all registered to that one Account)

We also each have our own tablet/mobile device with both the Spotify and the Alexa Ap installed.

Each person’s tablet/mobile is logged into their own Spotify account.


The problem we have is that we cannot get each individual Alexa to play music from that person’s Spotify account.

ie -  if Alexa “A” is playing music in one room and you ask Alexa ”B” to play music in another room, then Alexa ”A” will stop playing.


How do you link individual Spotify accounts to a specific Alexa?


Using the search function on here I have seen people advise users to set up an Amazon family account and so I have also tried this but it still does not work.

Is there an additional step where you then have to assign Alexa devices to the specific amazon users?

If so, how do you do this??

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Hi there @gary_clk,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


It’s currently not possible to link more than one Spotify account per Alexa account, but there’s a workaround that allows you to set up multiple Spotify accounts to work on your Alexa. You can add multiple accounts by setting up an Amazon Household. This way you can switch from one account to another just by talking to Alexa. For more details check out the related Amazon Help Topic here.


Note that everyone who intends to use it will need to set up their own account with Amazon which in turn has to be linked to their own Spotify account using their own version of the app. 


Alternatively, you can use Spotify Connect without having to link your accounts, but if you don’t, you won’t have the full functionality of Alexa’s commands either and you'll have to use the Spotify app to choose your music. To do this, say "Alexa, Spotify Connect" to the specific speaker you want to listen to music on and follow the instructions that Alexa gives you (Open Spotify on your phone and select the playback device from the list). This allows you to play music from separate Spotify accounts on different speakers at the same time.

Tip: It’s best to keep Spotify closed when you use the "Spotify Connect" command, then open Spotify when she tells you to. If you don't, the connection between Spotify app and your speaker isn't always made.


We hope that this information cleared things up.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!

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Hey @Jeremy,

Appreciate attempts to help however, though I keep seeing this "workaround" posted on several sites, despite my best efforts it simply doesn't work.  Perhaps I'm missing something or simply being thick.  😉  Has anyone at Spotify actually tried this?

- My wife and I are subscribed to Spotify Premium Duo

- I have setup Amazon Household and added both my wife and I.

- I've also added her to my Alexa with her own profile and she can sign into the Alexa app with her own Amazon credentials.

- I unlinked all Spotify accounts and removed the skill to ensure we didn't skip a step.

- Logged into the Alexa app from my phone using my account.

- Logged into the Spotify app from my phone using my account.

- I linked my Spotify account.

- Logged into the Alexa app from my wife's phone using her account.

- Logged into the Spotify app from my wife's phone using her account.

- I can't link her account because the skill shows it's already linked to an account.  If I attempt to link her account from her Spotify app, it acts like it links but it actually drops my account and switches to hers.  Now, when I switch back and forth between profiles, it's always using her Spotify.

Hey @sdeftink,


Thanks for getting back to us.


We haven't tested this recently so this guide might not be relevant anymore. Since most of the steps involved in the workaround involve your Amazon account, it's best to reach out to Amazon Support for further help.


Keep us posted.

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Thanks for the follow-up.  I will reach out to Amazon Support however, for what it's worth, here is a link to a reply from Amazon staff stating, as of June 2022, the proposed solution to the challenge is not possible.

Spotify on 2 different profiles (

Hey @sdeftink,


Thanks for providing this link.


If it's not possible to connect multiple Amazon accounts to a single Echo Dot device, then unfortunately the proposed workaround will not work. 


In this case, we'd suggest giving this idea a thumbs up and subscribing to the thread in order to receive notifications about any changes to its status.


We hope this helps.

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I did upvote the link you sent, however I’d recommend upvoting this link as a lore likely solution.


It works fine for both Amazon and Apple Music. Spotify needs to either allow multi-stream for duo/family accounts and/or improve the Alexa skill to allow linking more than 1 account IMHO. 

As I'm trying to switch from Deezer to Spotify, I noticed Spotify is only playing on one single device - which makes sense for a single person. As I'm using it in a household with many Alexas, it's likely that I need it to play on two or even three devices simultaneously. How can this be solved? It doesn't seem to be a feature of the family-account, as I can only connect one user to Alexa.

please solve this Spotify or what is the point of a family account?  thanks!

This doesn't work with Spotify currently and there isn't even a known timeline if and when it will be implemented. You'll need to find another music service. Many have requested this in the past 3+ years on many channels but no change yet.



Please address this short co

ming in the service. The expectation is Spotify is works as well or better than its competitors, but at this time Spotify does not match up in terms of Amazon Alexa playback, as stated by the original post. Unfortunately this issue makes Spotify very challenging for our family to use the service effectively since Alexa a primary mode of playback.

I second this!
I actually tried switching from Amazon Music to a Spotify Family Premium plan this afternoon, because everything I read said you could play on up to 6 devices at once. It was never specified that that meant you actually needed 6 separate accounts, and each device would have to be registered to one of those accounts. I had to immediately cancel Spotify and switch back to my Amazon Music Family plan. All 5 of our Alexa devices are registered to my account so I can manage them, and I'm able to play different music on all of them simultaneously from my one account.

Agree with all the above. This is so obvously a feature that needs to be implemented for spotify premium family accounts. Its ridiculous. 

It's official.  We're off Spotify and have switched to Amazon Music Unlimited Family.  Happy with the change.  During the cancelation, when asked why we canceled the subscription, below is what I stated.  Good luck everyone.


"If you TRULY want to know why I'm cancelling, please review everything in the 2 community posts below. We're being ignored for what should be a relatively easy fix. If this was remedied, we'd consider coming back. Feel free to reach out if anyone cares to discuss further."

How has this not been fixed yet! Amazon and Spotify, pickup the phone, have a conversation and get it sorted already!  **bleep** off custome

Also got family now to have multiple streams and found out it doesn't work.. i don't understand the family plan if the family can not use it simultaneously.. who is the product manager at Spotify? The intern?

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