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Premium family plan issues with country because of traveling

Premium family plan issues with country because of traveling





Greece at the moment, but changing every month or so.


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Hi there

We have lived in Denmark for all our live, but now we have sold everything we own and we are traveling the world.
For confirmation on that, you can check out our blog: or our Instagram.


Today I wanted to change our account from Duo to Family, since my daughters also wants their own account. And yes, they are traveling with us and therefore we live together.


But I am going mad about this setup! I have spent hours today, trying to figure out how to create their account. At som point I changed my (admin) address to the address in Greece. I used the same address for them as trying to connect their accounts to the family account. But it was not possible. 


I am not able to change creditcard since it will not make a difference. It's from an online bank (Revolut) and not the same country we are in anyways.


I am feeling like just cancelling the subscription. Or does anyone here have a suggestion?


Kindly, Michael Gimm Holdensen

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Hi there @Michaelgimm,

thanks for reaching out !


As you're currently located in Greece, subscribing to the Premium Family will mean you'd have to enter a valid local (Greece) payment method and an address to match that - you can read all about the terms of the plan here.


As long as it goes through, you shouldn't have any issues traveling around with your Premium account.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have further questions 🙂

Hi. Thanks for trying but as I mentioned, I don’t “live” in Greece and I don’t own a Greek credit card. We are traveling and only staying here for a month. After that it’s on to a new place.

Hi @Michaelgimm,


The Premium Family subscription should be set up at the users country of origin as it has to be provided with matching address and a payment method from that same country.


Once it's set up, users can use their account wherever they like around the world.

Therefore, if Greece isn't you home base, i would recommend starting the plan once you're back home - you can find all needed info and terms of the plan in the link i sent above.


Let me know if you have further questions 🙂

If that is how it is then we will have to cancel Spotify. As I said we are traveling and maybe for many years. So we won’t get back to our “country of origin” in a foreseeable future. I had just hoped a big company like Spotify could handle something like this but I guess not :-/.

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