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Spotify Connect only showing for 1 user

Spotify Connect only showing for 1 user



Premium Family




iPhone 14 and Macbook Pro 2022 model - both running latest OS and Spotify updates

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My setup:

User 1 logged in on iOS app (spotify premium)

Multiple alexa echo dot devices showing up in "Spotify Connect"

Sending audio from User 1 to any of these speakers works fine.

User 2 logged in to Spotify on a different iOS device (premium family user)

User 2 cannot see any of the Spotify connect / alexa devices


This can also be replicated on multiple macbooks and an ipad. all with the latest updates. Spotify has been removed and reinstalled. Different logins used (i.e. swapped users on iphones and macs to troubleshoot)

Saying to the echo devices "Alexa, spotify connect" will show spotify connect for that speaker / speaker groups, but this is only temporary and requires asking alexa this everytime. 


So (1) I have been able to confirm that its not a device issue and (2) its possible to show spotify connect to User 2 with a workaround. 


What is going wrong? Why can User 2 not see Spotify Connect without saying the command to Alexa each time? 


I welcome Spotify support looking in to my account to help resolve this. 





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