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I want my Library back.


I want my Library back.

So Spotify somehow updated itself today, and now the Library feature is gone. I had a LOT of music there and I don't feel like manually adding everything again. Who on earth decided this was a good idea?

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Please use the online contact form and someone at Spotify can help get this sorted. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, make sure to reply to it directly to speed things along.

I also have lost my Library and feel like crying.

I miss my library too. Will i get it back if i report it here? If not its terrible. 😞


It seems they are gone and replaced with a stupid feature, adding songs in a playlist like before isnt enough, it seems i have to add once more to a list in "new music".



ok, i'm posting here as well- can't be said too many times- I want my Library back! Pleeeease :´(? And I have a question. I tried to drag the music from all my (loads of) playlists into 'Songs' (as there were nothing there, after the update...!), to create some sort of 'library' folder (took ages...arrrgh, this is so stupid- for heaven's sake, it's 2014, or?!). And yes, I've read the smart comments about that you have to remember to drag not more than 500 songs at a time, otherwise it doesn't work. Unfortunately I read this after I did all the dragging, so now there's loads of tracks missing, in the stupid  'Songs' folder. Can I delete the whole folder without the risk of deleting all the tracks, and then try to drag my playlists there again, after I've divided them into playlists with 500 in each one (I have lots of playlists with more than 500 tracks)....? And oh, btw- it would be so much easier if this was done automatically and all songs were collected in a...library!.....*rolls eyes*

And one more question- I get the feeling I saved songs (before the stupid black update) directly to the library too (not only to specific playlists). Am I right? In this case- where are they now?

I am disappointed that Library has gone. Why what was the reasoning, it didnt hurt anybody. now i have to scrounge see that i get my plalist together and my local files to get a newn sort of local fiels. (which will be hard because i have multiples of songs in different plalists so i i all united them i would have to pick them all out. If i ust want to listen to my local files i would use any other programme.

My best "workaround" is I've moved all of my playlists into a playlist folder (File > New Playlist Folder) and made a playlist for my local files, then the folder view acts like the library.

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I agree.  I use the Libary all the time when I want to shuffle all songs/albums  I have in playlists.  I have no idea how to do this now.

Peter's idea works pretty well.

Hi and thank you for your reply.


I tried that suggestion and either I did it incorrectly or it doesn't work the way I would like it to.  When I made the new folder and moved one of my existing mix playlists in which has about 50 songs on it, it just listed the songs and the original playlist was gone.  That means to me that if I move a number of my playlists in, it will just be random songs and no longer set up as I created them.  I want the ability to keep my playlists as I have them set up now and have a library option like there was before.  Does this make sense?

If you use the desktop client, you'll find it preserves any folder structure and you can expand a folder to display all playlists inside it but clicking on the folder will show all tracks in all playlists, just like the old library used to. You can even nest folders within folders.


When you move your mouse cursor over a folder, you should see a white triangle to click on.

Okay, I got it thank you very much.  


I have many, many playlists to drag in there.  is there anyway to do a few at a time instead of individually?



I'm afraid there isn't.

This is going to be a majorly annoying undertaking since each playlist is taking me just under a minute to drag up because there are so many of them.  


I really appreciate your assistance.

I finally finished dragging all my playlists into the new folder I created and even though it was a pain it was worth it because now I can go into my new "library" folder  and shuffle all songs  on the iPhone which you couldn't do before.  I have wanted that feature for a long time so i am happy!  

Awesome 🙂

I too would like the library back


@Deefordog, I was happy too about this 'solution' (even tho it took me ages to drag songs/playlists into that new folder) until I found out about the limit for how many songs from each playlists you can drag to a new folder. There seems to be a limit for that whole new folder too.. I thought my whole library was there, in the new folder, but there's hundreds of songs missing. The library I created for 5 years is totally screwed up :(. I really miss that function. As a result I don't use Spotify as much as before. Been paying them for 5 years but will cancel subscription because of this.

Folder view doesn't have any limits I am aware off, although I haven't tested it in the past few versions of the application. How many tracks does it show for you?

The Your Music system (so the Songs Tab) has a maximum of 10,000 tracks annoyingly though.

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

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Wow, that really sucks, sorry.  

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