I'm very upset with the new condom adds I'm getting on spotify... I hated the adds in the first place but this and the non stop glitches are the final straw... there are kids on this program... I will be uninstalling spotify as well as telling all my friends about this... don't come back with: " well if you would buy spotify premium you won't have to listen to the adds" because I'm not waisting a single dime on this program.... I'd rather spend a dollar per song on itunes


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It seems to be unanimous here: Get rid of that ad!

I will not be using Spotify again until I read on here that that ad is gone. 

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The Durex campaign has now been removed from Spotify.
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I agree, what is this?  I leave spotify on and have my kids listen to kids songs on it!  Completely unacceptable for a commercial about condoms and sex to play like this.


It has to go, immediately.  Please everyone else speak up who agrees.


As for a more long range solution, how about some ability by users to block ads or choose prefered ad types?  There have been quite a few ads that I don't like playing while my children are listening (or me for that matter really).  So why not let us choose ad genres we're "ok" with or something.


Usually I'm not one to complain about ads, as much as I can't stand them.


Nevertheless, these ads are HIGHLY inappropriate, for almost ANY situation.  Kids don't need to be exposed to this; I wouldn't want this coming up at work, or with friends or parents (I do still live at home, and I know I'm not the only one) in audible range (which can be quite a long range when I have my speakers cranked); and personally, I just don't want to hear this kinda crap.


I also second the above suggestion- an adult content filter, preferably one for music and one for ads.  Or simply better judgement in ad selection.  Because this was DEFINITELY a lapse of good judgement.


I agree! I just was listening to music with my four year old neice and that commercial popped up. I'm very upset and if it isn't taken down quickly I will be getting rid of Spotify.


Definitely. I complained to them.


Get rid of these Condom ads! they are completely inappropriate! there are kids on this program and these ads have gone to far!

Take it down or I'm uninstalling spotify as are many of my friends!


I just logged into the forums for the same reason as you--to complain about the condom advertisement! I really did not want to hear that, and frankly, it was quite annoying. 


Spotify: I appreciate your service; you have made one of the best music programs out there. I understand that you need advertisements for revenue, but can you please remove the condom ads? I don't have the money for Premium right now, though I was planning on upgrading soon. I'm sure you can find many ready companies willing to advertise. I'm sure many of your users will appreciate the switch!  



I agree, if there's no way to opt out of getting these condom ads, and they recur often--Spotify is gone. Which is too bad, because we use it all the time now and like most of the ads.


The condom ad completely ruin the experience. I was so annoyed by them that I paused Spotify and refused to listen to that advertisement. I was looking for an email that I can send to folks, because this advertisement is not only disturbing as you are listening to music, it's incredibly distasteful and uncalled for. If this is the kind of stuff Spotify is going to continue to play as ads to interrupt the music, I will quit the service as well. 


If this isn't taken off within a week, I'll be going elsewhere.  My daughter was listening and we were all shocked!  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


What's funny is there's an option on people's posts to report Inappropriate Content . . . HELLoooo I want to report inappropriate ad content.  Thank you.


Seriously, who let these condom ads through?  Maybe let em through for people who listen to Explicit versions of people's songs, but otherwise, GEEZ.  And are they going to follow up with KY and other personal lubricant stuff?  c'mon!


I find it very annoying and inappropriate. I shouldn't have to mute spotify because of some stupid ad. It is so frequently played that I'm almost to the point of uninstalling Spotify completely. I play the music in the background while I'm doing other things and I shouldn't feel have to feel embarassed if someone else comes into the room because a condom ad plays. Get it off of Spotify. It doesn't belong.


I agree. If they're not gone soon, I will be gone off of Spotify. And to think that I was enjoying the service so much that I was thinking about even subscribing. Forget that now. So much for being a family-friendly service.


maybe you should just pay for the service and the ads will go away. >_<


Hear hear!  I just experienced this for the first time, and I was disgusted.  There are little kids using this program, for Pete's sake!  If your ads offend people, they're not going to pay to get rid of them; they're going to stop using Spotify.  Wise up and ditch this self-destructive ad contract before it wins you a (metric) ton of bad press.




Spotify's terms of use state that the application to be for personal use, for people over the age of 12 and upwards.


Adverts like this would only be played on accounts where the age of the user was over 15/16 (depending on the standards within that country). If these children were using an account they created, then they may have bumped up their age a little bit to be an adult on our database. 


We are passing complaints onto our ad team. 

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I understand the terms of service just fine.... I read them all before I got on these forumns....  It doesn't matter if these people claimed they were older than they were because these ads are completely disgusting! I will not stand by and let these children and teens and adults alike having to listen to this! so let me get this straight spotify... you think because I'm over 15/16 I wanna hear this stuff? I would highly suggest taking that ad down other wise this probably won't be the last time you have angry customers... I was considering buying premium before this happened but that won't happen if this is the type of company that are a bunch of sell outs...


and thank you for passing our complaints along


Regardless of age, these ads are not something that I want to hear. If I'm going to have to censor the ads, then I just will have to find something else to listen to.


PLEASE REMOVE THESE CONDOM ADS. I don't usually write in all caps, but this is very upsetting. I may be uninstalling spotify if this isn't resolved. Would you run an ad like this on the radio? NO, you wouldn't, so why is this running on spotify? People all over the country are listening to this with their children. 

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