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CIS Region Subscriptions and Prices

CIS Region Subscriptions and Prices

I'm a resident of Armenia and only have payment options available that are Armenian. 

I am hugely disappointed that the Armenian prices are higher than prices in Russia, although the country is no better economically than the latter, let alone that I cannot select other plans such as Spotify Duo which me and my partner would dearly love to do. Because of this huge price difference, knowing that if I lived in my home country the subscription would be worth it, I can't consciously fork out almost 3 times as much money than I would if I resided in my home country in order for me and my partner to have premium at the same time, since I can't even get Duo here.


Is a price and subscription revision for such economically backwards places going to ever take place, as I'd love to use and pay for the service if it was actually reasonable and adjusted for the region. 



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Hey @modal_experimen ,


Thanks for coming to the Community!


Spotify sets their pricing in each market at the level that they believe is fair for consumers, rights holders, and Spotify, while remaining a low-margin business.


If you open the Premium Duo page in a different country, it’s possible that you'll see a higher or lower price. Once you choose the correct payment method, the price will be automatically updated to reflect the correct price for the market.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

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