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Cancel Monthly Payment for Premium

Cancel Monthly Payment for Premium

Hello, I already have Premium subscription with monthly payment of $9.99 + tax, but I got the promotional message offering price of $99.00 + tax for one-time payment of 12 months of Premium. I did purchase this one-time payment and it cost me a total of $106.45 ($99 + tax).


But how do I now cancel my monthly automatic payment. The only options I see in my account are for change/cancel. In Payment methods, I only see "Update", where I have to enter some other payment method, but no way to remove 'automatic monthly payment'. How do I avoid being "double-charged" on monthly payments now, since I had already paid the one-time annual payment?

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Hi @RaghuRam

I don't see why you would be charged if your payment for $100 has been approved. Check back in a few days and tell me if it's still there.


If you are worried about being double charged and don't want to have to contact support, I recomend hitting cancel and you should have it till next year though you may have to re-subscribe.


Let me know if it changes in a few days. Good Luck!


hello Logan,  what did you mean by "you should have it till next year though you may have to re-subscribe"?  are you suggesting the risk of the subscription cancelled and having to re-do it all. 

Porque me cobran dos veces una por Premium y otra por Plan Familiar ya van cinco meses

Hey @RaghuRam the monthly payments will only resume after the 12 months you've just paid for has ended. So basically the monthly payments will start again in 2019 and you won't be double charged for taking the annual offer. Hope that helps clear things up for you. Thanks!

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