Device list not showing up

Device list not showing up

I'm a new Spotify user and recently started an individual Premium trial.  Right after I started it, Spotify on iOS had no difficulty seeing my "devices"  including a Sonos speaker and my car speaker system.  After a recent upgrade, the device menu across all my devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac Desktop) has completely disappeared.  It's not that Spotify doesn't see my device -- it's that I seem to be stuck with the non-Premium version of the app, which never had a device menu.


I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling.  I've tried logging out of Spotify on all my devices.  Nothing works.  I've also confirmed that my account is Premium.


This is really annoying.  After a promising start with Spotify, I'm completely stumped.  Suggestions gratefully accepted.

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Really?  No help?  No ideas?

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