Family Plan and Hulu bundle

Family Plan and Hulu bundle




Family Premium @ $14.99/month




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When does Spotify and Hulu plan to bundle the Hulu and Spotify Family Plan for people who are paying $14.99/month instead of the $9.99/month for just the Premium plan?  This seems like an injustice to the loyal Spotify users who have expanded their plans to account for more family members.





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Family Premium




My Question or Issue

I can't get the Hulu bundle with my Family Plan for Spotify, but the account page for Spotify saysUntitled.png

"As a part of Premium for Family you will get all of the Premium benefits but at a lower cost". I would argue that the bundle is a benefit to the premium membership, but I do not get Hulu included and I'm overall paying more for it being separate.


I share Spotify with one roommate, so we pay $15.99 + $5.99 for Hulu. If we each got our own subscriptions to Spotify, we would be saving a dollar a month ($9.99*2)


This is plainly stupid. What is the reasoning behind this? Is Spotify/Hulu going to resolve this soon?


I am in the same boat! I think Spotify should address this or at least explain their reasonings for not offering this service to Family Plan owners.


I was just coming here to ask the same question! I completely agree! 

We should be able to get it too!




Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Unfortunately we don't have any plans for a Premium for Family + Hulu bundle at the minute. 


There is however an existing idea in the Community for this which you can add your vote to here.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

It makes absolutely NO sense!




I want it to be known that I have not personally, accepted this as a solution because a solution has not been provided.  It has been marked as "Solved" by someone else.  A link to a page to vote for the solution has been presented.  This is not a solution.  Respectfully, how can this be marked as "Solved" when a solution has not been presented?  




I agree with you.  The comment above yours leads to a page to vote.  It was listed as the "Solution" by the moderator that posted it.  I disagreed and then removed the response as the solution.  It only says they do not provide it and sends you to a page to vote.  Voting for the solution does not satisfy my post.  Thanks for joining in on the discussion!  




Yea, i just realized this today and I'm a bit outraged to be honest. I have most expensive plan and basically just so i can share it with family members. Why can't I add the Hulu to it especially with this new promotion? I feel like i'm getting jipped. 


My question, as someone who wants to go from Spotify Premium w Hulu to JUST Spotify Family Plan, is, will I automatically lose Hulu if I do that? I am okay with that if so. I was looking for a way to quit Hulu but can't seem to figure out how to do that.


If you switch to the Family Plan, your Hulu subscription will be cancelled by Spotify.


If you log into Hulu, and look carefully, it will show that your current Hulu subscription is paid for by Spotify, because the services are linked.


Because the family plan is not eligible for the Hulu bundle, if you switch to Family, Spotify will cancel your Hulu subscription.


You will never get the bundle back, even if you switch back to plain, single account Premium. The Hulu bundle is no longer available. You can't get it again.


Of course, you could always sign up for Hulu independently of Spotify.


It is possible to cancel the Hulu promo within your Spotify account. You don't have to upgrade to Family to accomplish that. Just go to your account page, and there are options there for managing services like Hulu. You may have to do this in a web browser.

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