Hulu stopped working

Hulu stopped working







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My Hulu stopped working, I can no longer sign in. It says my login information is incorrect. Even though I signed into it a couple days ago with no issues. I have premium for students so there’s no reason my Hulu account expired or something right? And when I go to my services on my Spotify account and click on Hulu it directs me to the Hulu page but tells me to subscribe for 5.99$.  It’s like my account has disappeared for no reason because I made a new Hulu account with the same exact login and it didn’t tell me this password or email is already used to another account. I have tried logging in on multiple devices and no luck. My Hulu account is still active on my Apple TV. But I’m sure if I log out I won’t be able to log back in. 

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I have the same problem, my Spotify premium subscription with Hulu was charged for month yet I cannot access Hulu any longer. 


I am having the same issue as the people who wrote before me. Please help us! we would like a solution to this fast.


Do you guys have premium individual or premium student? Because premium individuals no longer have access to Hulu ad supported plan 


@Jorge_916 wrote:

premium individuals no longer have access to Hulu ad supported plan


What are you talking about?

I have Premium with Hulu--not the student plan--and I still have Hulu and it works just fine.

It is no longer available for new signups. But those who have it can continue to use it.


This thread is about people who had Premium with Hulu--not the student plan--and then had a failed payment because their credit card expired, or had to be cancelled because it was stolen or something. When the payment failed, their account switched over to free and they lost Hulu.


And according to the moderator Peter, who works for Spotify, this issue is "fixed," which supposedly means that if this happened to someone who had to change their credit card information, there is supposed to be a way for them to get their Hulu restored, since they signed up for it when it was available.


This thread was started by a user with the student plan. No credit card was used only PayPal and has always been working so there’s no reason it should have stopped working since Spotify payments have always been automatically charged to my account. 




Okay, you are correct that the original message appears to be about the student plan.


The messages after that are not clear. And the question that you posted--are you guys on the "regular" Premium with Hulu or the student plan--is a relevant question, because if Hulu stopped working for them on the "regular" plan, then that is a different problem than the problem described in the original message.


But it is not really accurate to say that "premium individuals no longer have access to the Hulu ad supported plan." Anyone who signed up for that plan when it was offered should still have it, as long as they didn't change their plan to the family plan, or do something else that would have caused them to lose the Hulu promotion.


But some users who have that plan lost access to Hulu when a monthly payment failed, and I thought maybe that was what the other messages in this thread were talking about.


Hey there @Jorge_916, @djMONDO and @claudiacaban,


Thanks for sharing this here in the Community!


We'd first recommend making sure that you've activated Hulu from Your Services


If you have, and you're having troubles logging in to your Hulu account, we'd recommend taking a look at Hulu's support page for more info on what you can try next.


Keep in mind that if you've linked the wrong Hulu/Showtime account, you'll need to cancel the subscription and resubscribe with the correct account.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if you need more help.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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