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Premium: can't change country/payment method (already tried everything in this forum)

Premium: can't change country/payment method (already tried everything in this forum)


Plan: Premium

Country: Cyprus


Device: Macbook Pro, Iphone

Operating System: IOS


Did you test incognito mode?

YES, already tested every solution that is posted in this forum.



My Question or Issue

Hello, I'm a Spotify Premium customer and I need to change my payment method but when I try to do it a message appears saying "Your payment method and country don't match".


- I live in Cyprus and my payment method is from Cyprus

- I already checked my account and it says my country is Spain

- I already went to Update Payment Details page and changed the country to Cyprus.

- Yes, I'm sure I'm trying to add my new payment method having Cyprus selected as country.

- Yes, I already read all information in your Help Center. Didn't work.

- Yes, I already tested this on several browsers and incognito mode. Didn't work.

- Yes, I already checked other topics and tried every solution I found. Didn't work.

- Yes, I have a screenshot of the problem.  I just deleted the card details for privacy reasons. You'll find it attached to this ticket.
Now can you please solve the issue?
Thank you,


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Here's the screenshot.

can't change payment method spotify.png

Hi @Leon937,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and for the troubleshooting steps you've done so far.


In this case we suggest that you contact our customer support here so that they can have a closer look backstage.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

Take care!

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