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Spotify Subscription Device **bleep** Offer

Spotify Subscription Device **bleep** Offer

I received a notification via my Spotify mobile app concerning a **bleep** offer for an in-car device to stream music. It was subscription based. I was interested, but could not commit at the moment, as I was driving. I closed the app and lost the window with the information. I am still interested in the product, but can find no information about it on the website or my account. Can anyone provide a link to this product or did I miss my window?

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 Hey @LordNikon70,


I am a little confused on what you mean exactly.


Was this advert spoken, like a normal Spotify ad? Or was it a Push-notification add?


At the moment the only offers are Premium for Family and Student discount.



It was a banner notification advertisement at the top of the mobile app
when I first opened it this morning. I tapped on the ad and it opened a
separate page within the mobile app with details about the new product,
which was paired with a $12.99 monthly subscription for the service.



That is a strange one. The only offers Spotify has is Family for Premium and Student discount.


If it pops up again please try and get a screenshot so I can do some digging.



I got the same message and so did someone else when I asked about it on Reddit. It seems someone at Spotify let the cat out of the bag early for a new product. 

Hi @LordNikon70,


We understand the frustration. Right now we don't have any news on this, but we've let the right team know it's something you'd like to see.


We're always testing things in order to improve Spotify. There's more info here:

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