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Spotify destroyed my library

Spotify destroyed my library

This has been raised a few times on the forum, but I want to add one more so Spotify can see more disgruntled customers and hopefully take action.


The new update has totally ruined the Spotify experience. I had hundres of artists and thousands of songs built up over the past couple of years. I had an awesome library, I had saved all the songs but didn't bother to follow any artists. I didn't need to follow artists, I had my library where I could browse through my list of artists and my songs section if I wanted to shuffle all.


I had them all saved offline, so I could happily browse when I had no internet connection.


Now, this has all been taken away in one fell swoop. I have nothing any more. My artist list is empty. I can't see any of my songs or browse anything I had previously saved.


Thanks Spotify, you just ruined my library that took me two years to build. I will be cancelling my subscription as soon as I have managed to salvage what I can and found a suitable alternative to your service.


I spoke to tech support on chat, and they weren't interested. Just told me in future to follow my favourite artists. That doesn't fix the problem you have caused me, and I'm not going to start all over again only for you to suddenly **bleep** things up again in another year because you feel like having a change. In one day I've gone from loving your service to hating it. Thanks again.







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It's not only about following. You can't save albums anymore. Just to like them to add into some weird Liked Songs playlist and that's it. Save is a mass-like button now. You can't remove songs you don't like from your library. If you want to play an artist Spotify will play all his songs from all albums. All you can is just to follow artists and to create playlists. I don't know what to say.

I cannot believe this update.  I was so confused when this updated, thining that there was no way they actually did this.  On what planet does this make any sense?  They completly ruined the app because of this issue

Okay, I wasn't quite right in my previous comment. Looks like old functions haven't gone. Now if you click 'like' on an album it's added to your library entirely. But if you 'unlike' it and 'like' just specific songs in that album, only these songs will be saved to the library.


The only problem is that all removed songs are restored. You need to remove them again the way I've described. And you need to follow all the artists in your library. Otherwise, they are shows as 'recommended artists' in unsorted order. It's confusing but not that bad.

Yeah that's bad. I know what you mean about cloud services, this was always
my worry, that one day Spotify would go under or something and I'd lose
everything. I do hope that enough people complaining will force then to
roll back, but it the majority of users use the service different to us
then it's unlikely

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