Spotify wouldn't fulfill my Google Home Mini promotion!

Spotify wouldn't fulfill my Google Home Mini promotion!



Family Premium




(iPhone 10, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, etc.)


My Question or Issue

We confirmed the Google Home Mini promo while it was still active on Nov. 13th, 2019. Per our confirmation, Spotify said "we'll email you as soon as your device is available." 

1. My email IS correct in their system, and has been correct for several years.

2. I NEVER received an email from them, but did receive several emails on policy updates so I know my email works in their system. 

3. I started a help chat with them today hoping to clear it up and receive the Google Home Mini. And all they said was they couldn't help me, that the promotion had expired. Even though I signed up before the promotion expired. 


WHAT THE **bleep** SPOTIFY?? C'mon. I'm a premium customer of 6+ years. It's 2020, you can do better. 

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I have similar problem. they said the offer for the free google home mini Expired dec. 31, But I set up the 3 months of premium on Dec. 29. I still have not got the Home mini and I suspect it was a con to get people to sign up. Never again. When this 3 months is up I am going to Cancel.


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