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UPI Payment failed but charged

UPI Payment failed but charged






OnePlus 3T

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

I tried to upgrade my subscription from free to premium 1 year through UPI payment method.

But the payment got failed and I was charged Rs 1189. It didn't get refunded as well.

Spotify please help me on this. Attaching the screenshot of my payment proof.


34 Replies

Looks like this issue is with most of them

I am facing the same issue. Moreover I tried twice. So for me its 1189 * 2 😞


I feel you bro 😞 ...I was about to do the same.

Hope Spotify will look into it.

Yep yep. Faced the same issue. Didn't retry though. I tried via Google Pay. The amount got debited, but Spotify reported a payment failure.

How are you guys resolving this?

Have the same issue here, need help from Spotify ASAP!!!!


Even I am facing the same issue. I have also tweeted the issue on @spotifyCares



I have the same problem. Completed the transaction through UPI while Spotify says transaction failed.


Even I just tweeted to Spotify care. Looks like their page is full of such tweets. Something terribly went wrong in their platform while launching it in India. 🥺

I tried to upgrade my subscription from free to premium 1 month through UPI payment method. I was charged Rs 129., and its still showing as free account .It didn't get refunded as well.

Spotify please help me on this. Attaching the screenshot of my payment proof.


i have connected with them with chat this is what they said


Hey How did you connect via chat?

I am facing the same problem. I am on my OnePlus3T and bought rht 3 month plan using UPI ,was charged for the same, but didn't get any notification from Spotify . 😞

Also guys, do we get the 1 month free trial or not?


But I guess we all have opted for the prepaid version, so why does it matter if the payment method is reccuring or not. 

That's cool that you were able to get ahold of them via chat!


Did you happen to ask them why this would be an issue in a non-recurring billing? Some folks (including me) opted for the annual payment. AFAIK, that's a prepaid plan; I didn't get the impression that that was a subscription.


Also, were you able to get any info on refunds and what the refund window might be?


Cheers mate!

Same issue, do not blame spotify

It could be the problem payment interface provided by the bank 


even I spoke on chat, they said money would be refunded if there were any problems, and the issue was that the payment has not been completely cleared

There's an official response to this in another thread. Hopefully all will be resolved soon.

I am facing the same issue, where the payment got deducted but didn't received any activation of premium.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-27 at 13.37.37.jpg

Same here, tried paying using card, got failed everytime. Then used GPay to test for one day subscription, amount got deducted and Spotify showed transaction got failed. 

Had a live chat with Spotify support. They said they are looking into the matter.

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