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premium users please respond: Is anyone else experiencing this new change...

premium users please respond: Is anyone else experiencing this new change...

Did anyone get a new update yesterday? new layout interface for premium? well I've been a premium user since january, and yessterday i noticed a dramatic change on my spotify account & im receiving mixed information as to why.


All of my artists are not showing , i can only see 4 artists, same for albums i can only see 9 albums. i have a well over 100 artists and albums and I  was able to view my full catalog up until yesterday morning. I went through all the troublshooting , i have no other accounts i only use one and it still says premium.


i chatted with a rep yesterday, he went through troubleshooting with me and came to the conclusion that spotify had updated over night with a new layout , and it could take a up to 24 hours for the update to fully come in on my app, so i said ok fine. so today , its way past 24 hours and i still dont see all of my artists etc. so i did a second chat with a different rep, now he tells me something completely different that this is the full update, they removed the features to view all your artists and albums and songs. The rep said i can put in a request feedback to add these features back...


Is this true for anyone else? does this not sound right? as a premium user i should be able to view all of my artists not just 4 of them etc , this cant be an acutal update, can anyone confirm this? what is going on?? The only thing that I have that is a premium feature is being able to choose any song to listen too and no ads.




Country USA



(iPhone XR)

Operating System

(iOS 12.1.4)

spotify version:


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I am also experiencing this issue. I thought it was an issue with the Premium UI vs Free UI, but I guess it's an actual update. I had to reenter login credentials to Spotify after the update, and it changed my interface to the gross one where I can't view all of my songs, artists, or albums.

old ui.PNGgross ui.jpg


On the left was the old UI that I had. Nice, organized tabs that allowed me to access every song, artist, and album that I had. On the right is the one that was forced upon me today. It's clearly a disgusting new format that is very unorganized and limited in its capabilities. What are you doing Spotify... Who's the genius behind this bonehead move?

Yeah! Thats the layout i now have too its horrible. Makes no sense for them to give us a layout that you would see as a basic user. The whole point of me paying for premium is to view all my artists and songs and of course being able to cycle through songs without ads etc. I honestly do not feel like renewing my subscription because of this. I like to be able to view my artist list and all my songs. This is just so idiotic, i cant deal😪

Yea r/spotify is absolutely livid right now. According to a Reddit user who had a lengthy conversation with a Spotify rep, the reason for them making the update this way is to cater to the "majority" of users. Apparently the majority of users just opens the app and hits "play Aerosmith" instead of actually using the app in-depth, and Spotify wants to make it more convenient for their simplistic music browsing, even at the risk of losing hundreds (maybe thousands) of loyal, longtime users. If they don't rollback I'm hitching a ride on the Apple Music wagon.

I'm having this issue too. I really hate this update. I talked to someone on their Twitter help account that said this is the new look and I think it's garbage. They better change it back. I don't want it like that. I want to listen to a certain artist I saved and their certain songs I saved! I hope they see this feed back and change it back

Yes I can confirm I am seeing the same thing. 


It appears that there has been a separation between songs, albums, and artists, based on what you have "saved". 


For example, if you add just an album, it will not show up in your artists or songs section. 


However, if you add the entire artist, I can confirm this will show up in your artist page. Same applies to adding individual songs; if you add / like a song it shows up in your songs, but not albums. 



Spotify, I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it has drastically degraded the user experience. If I wanted to sort through individual albums all day, I'd carry around a CD case. Can you please provide an update to sync Songs, Artists, and Albums again?






The last update is definitely making the PREMIUM app unusable. How should anyone be able to browse and manage several hundred or even thousands of songs with such a limited library interface? Took me quite a long time to build my library. If Spotify doesn‘t rollback this update, it‘s been a waste of time and MONEY.  Very frustrating...

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


We've made a Spotify Answer which addresses the recent changes to Your Library on mobile - make sure to head over here to find out more.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions - we'll be happy to answer them 🙂


We don't like it like that. Change it back!

Hi Peter, 


Unfortunately this doesn't help. I think most of us understand the new "Your Library" experience; it's that we don't understand how this could ever be seen as a better user experience. 


Before, when I saved a single song, I could find that song either in my albums, my artists, or in my songs. Now, if I save a single song, it's near impossible to find, unless I want to scroll through every single song or album I have ever saved. After being on Spotify for 4 years, thats going to take a long time. 


Additionally, this new experience is essentially taking away the ability for users to control how they want to curate their collection of music. Maybe I only want to save a single song from an artist, not their entire discography, nor any of their albums. I still want to be able to find that artist when I look up my artists, because technically, I have saved a song by that artist. 


In a more common case (at least for me), I save individual albums by artists. I do not want their entire library (have you seen Pink Floyd's discography?). I want three or four albums. Before, when I clicked on Pink Floyd in my artists, I got a list of all the songs that I have saved by them, separated by album. I could start with the first song, and listen to all of the music I care about. I could remove songs I didn't want. I could add a few more later. I had my own personally curated selection of that artist's music. 


This new update takes that away. Even worse, this new update essentially takes away all of the time your users have spent creating their own specific selection of their music, and that is a shame. Sure, my music is still there. I can scroll for 10 minutes through every album I've saved. I can find all of the songs I've individually saved, and scroll for days through that. But I don't want to do that, and I don't think others do. If I find a new artist, and I save a song or album by them, I want that music to appear in my songs, my albums, and then I want that artist to appear in my artists, so I can scroll to that artist, click on that artist, and then listen to what I've saved. As I learn more about that artist, I'll add more music by them, and my collection of that artist will grow. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, that there are other Spotify users who have been building their collection in this way too. 


Can we have an option to revert to "legacy / classic" mode at least? Otherwise I'll be considering switching to a new platform all together. 






Hey @nfontana10.


Thanks for providing such detailed feedback on this.


Although there isn't currently an option to revert back to the old version of Your Library, there is an existing idea in the Community which you can add your vote to - just head over here.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

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