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Actually Alow 30 Minutes of No Ads

Actually Alow 30 Minutes of No Ads

Fellow Spotify users have this issue. We receive an ad, seemingly truthful about 30 minutes of no ads. However, just 2-4 songs later, an ad pops up. Mind you that these songs are usually 2-3 minutes long. I find it infuriating that I don't receive what I was promised. Perhaps unknown to me, this may be a premium feature. On the topic of premium, these ads become so annoying that it seems like Spotify is picking out which ones seem the most annoying, making the frustrated user buy premium. Of course, I don't think Spotify is actually selecting ads. But it'd be nice if there were actual 30 minutes of free-ad music.

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Hi @TheBaker31,
Thanks for reaching out to our Community.
In the free tier, the playback contains ads every once in a while as part of the app functionality. However, ads that give you 30 minutes of ad-free playback are random and mixed with other different ads.
Keep in mind that to get the 30 minutes ad-free you have to keep the video ad in focus, not navigate to another app, browser, etc. Also, make sure you’re not accidentally clicking the "No, thanks" button when prompted to watch the ad.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you still don't get the 30 minutes ad free experience afterwards.

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For the past few days I'm getting 2 30s long ads after every 3-4 song. Even after the 30s video ad which says 30 min ads free experience, i still get ads.

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