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Actually RANDOM shuffle and public library

Actually RANDOM shuffle and public library



Family Premium (3 years and counting)




Almost everything you can imagine because of family plan.

Operating System

(All (most) the platforms you have to offer (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, SamsungTV, Linux etc)


My Question or Issue

I have been paying for a family plan for several years now and several spotify issues have really started to get annoying over time.
As I don't divide my songs into playlists and just use one main library, I have one ~700 songs (and growing) library which I always use shuffle for. Over the last year I have often noticed that Spotify only wants to shuffle certain 50 songs at a time, no matter how much I disable and re-enable the shuffle feature (which should in theory reset my "queue". The only thing that (also not always) helps is starting a different playlist and restarting my main library. I have been roaming the forum and this issue has been pointed out several times in the last 8 years. WHY IS THIS STILL AN ISSUE? I understand, there are some financial reasons behind it for you, but having paid nearly HALF A GRAND euros to your company over the years, I expect to atleast have a simple random function implemented, instead of the few cents your algorithms may earn you. About the second feature

Why can't I still make my main library public? This is also a problem that has been pointed out several times over the years, you have even said that it might be implemented at some point but have since abandoned it.

How is it possible to neglect your paying users like that in favor of some microscopical income (I believe you have some kind of a financial reason you haven't implemented those as they aren't difficult programming-wise). You could at least make them features for paying customers.

Your community support system that I'm posting this rant (yes, I would consider this a rant and I'm sorry for it, but this really is how I feel) is also a complete way of silencing people. When someone has an issue, you refer to an (sometimes years) older post similar to it and just tell people to upvote it, often without changing anything.

If I don't see these two features implemented by the end of this year, I'm unsubscribing, sorry but they are simple features and I've paid you a ton of money at this point.

Again sorry for this rant but this is how I feel.
All the best

2 Replies

Hey there @teet_a


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this.


As to the Shuffle feature, we can still suggest you to vote for an idea here. We understand your point about voting for the ideas, but this is important for Spotify as we keep track of how many Spotify users would like something implemented. This shows us how much of an impact a certain feature has on our users and helps us develop the app.


Just to confirm, can you let us know what you mean by "main library"? Then we'll be able to give you more info about making it public.


Last but not least, we're grateful that you've shared with us how you feel about features which could further be improved. We appreciate your feedback as this is one way we can improve Spotify. 


Keep us posted on this!


As the "main library" I mean my liked songs, last I checked I couldn't make that playlist public and that's a feature, adding which is long overdue.

I would like to point out, that the topic you linked to is not at all something I was referring to. I rather meant an issue like this, mentioned years ago, but again "covered up".


Yes, of course, you can't add all the features people request for obvious reasons, but new feature-wise Spotify's team is way too idle. You don't need all users to request/want a feature to add it, that's what app settings are for.


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